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Yesterday, I returned a mouse I had purchased at the Clackamas Store. It stopped working after just 2 months of service.

I was turned down for an exchange at the Clackamas store where I bought it because of your 14 day return policy. Also, the clerk couldn't figure out how to scan my receipt to determine if there was an exception to your 14 day policy because she didn't know how to read the receipt. Another employee tried to scan it. He failed too.

I left with absolutely no satisfaction.

We're not talking major dollars here. The mouse only cost $14.99. Over the years I have bought 3 computers and one cell phone from Best Buy not knowing about your 14day return policy. I won't be making that mistake again.

My number is 503 750 8294. I have more to say about that store!

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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We bought a Hamilton Beach flex brew...the steamer broke within 27 days and coffee came out all over the counter. Took it back at 32 days post but.

They only give you 15 days and the clerk says he can't take it back since it was past 15 days yet it hadn't broken by then.

Their return policy is the worst... Plenty of other places to buy the same stuff without dealing with them again.


I purchased a 65” Samsung flat screen tv about 4 months ago, and started having an issue with the sound. I went to talk to Best Buy about the problem and how to go about returning it, they tell me to call the manufacturer,and they would send me a box to send it to them for repairs.

Can you imagine shipping a 65” tv back to the manufacturer for repairs.

The problem is the insurance they want you to buy, this is their way of pushing their insurance. I’ll never buy anything from Best(worst) Buy again


Their Corporate Headquarters makes up their return policy.Every Best Buy location has No Control over What Corporate decides to do.So your compliant is with their Corporate Headquarters, Not the store level.Send Corporate Headquarters a letter.That information is found on their website.


Seriously??? It’s a corporation. It’s ALL Best Buy and it’s return policy is terrible.

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