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I've been a customer at Best Buy for a long time. So long in fact that today when I asked for help with my Cobra Dash Cam I found out I never had any store warranty after 14 days!

They used to give you at least 30 days on all items! Now they're so greedy that they expect you to buy an extended warranty on everything past 2 weeks.....that's 14 days you have to find out if your electronics are buggy or have any performance issues; this is outrageous! Everyone knows electronics can be feisty and not show problems until after a month or more of usage and their answer: If you didn't GIVE US MORE OF YOUR MONEY by buying an extended warranty beginning with day 15....you are screwed and at the mercy of the manufacturer and shipping your item back and forth and waiting forever.

I am going to specialty stores from now on. Buh Bye Best Buy!

Product or Service Mentioned: Cobra Dash Camera.

Reason of review: Warranty issue.

Monetary Loss: $200.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Best Buy Cons: Worst customer service deserve no stars.

  • Warranty sucks
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The protection plan works hand in hand with the return policy as well as manufacturers warranty That's why they offer hr. They deal with the manufacturers warranty for you.

If you chose to decline m then it falls on the consumer. A better analogy is if you buy a new car and don't get the extended warranty. The dealership will refer you to authorized repair places sometimes you end up having to pay anyway.

They won't exchange the car or return it for that matter. Almost every retailer who deals with electronics have 15 days.


And you actually think that a smaller store will give you longer return periods? You're so friggin wrong! Grow up and grow a pair of balls


You do know that most products have a warranty through the manufacturer, right? In fact Cobra's dash cam manuals state they come with a Limited 1-Year Warranty. So yes, after 15 days it is no longer Best Buy's problem, that is why manufacturer's warranties exist, because "electronics can be feisty and not show problems until after a month or more of usage".

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