I bought a protector cover for my ipod. After reading directions.

I tried to put the protector on my ipod. The directions indicated you use the cloth provided. When I did so it left a smudge on the adhesive side of the protector. I tried to return the kit.

They would not exchange and I had to purchase another one. I am out $30.00 and still not sure I will be able to install it correctly. They offered no assistance.

This is not good customer service and I am very diappointed. I have purchased many items from Best Buy and this is the first time I have been displeased with my service.

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If you purchased a zagg sheild, register it online. Send an email or call zagg that it has not been installed correctly.

They will send you a new one and you send the old one. This does not happen every time but its worth a shot.


They aren't going to take a $30 loss because you're too retarded to use a screen protector correctly.

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