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I purchased a lg washer and dryer as a set and since the day it was purchased the headaches,heartaches started,asked them to replace them under the federal law of 30 day return policy,this was 15 days into the purchase and store manager said it was up to corporate office,corporate office said it was up to store manager. It never got done and when trying to get these appliances repaired by the geek squad,they said they were unqualified to work on these products.

after 15 months of fighyting/argueing with them and hearing every excuse imaginable we came ,they point blank refused to repair,replace these products. And after they send their repair boys out and figured out that the mechanical item was a lot smarter then the company service techs.

Monetary Loss: $2700.

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Google...Best Buy corporate governance or Best Buy corporate (or company) profile. Find out corporate phone number and name of CEO, get the fax number. Type up brief but concise letter, addressed to the CEO and fax it over. Get a large note pad and document the time, date etc of what you did.

Perhaps open a file on your computer and keep your work stored there.

Make sure your researched information was correct. Call the CEO's office and speak with his secretary, confirm that your faxed letter was received. State in your letter that you will be:

1. Contacting the Attorney General for fraud (in the state where the corporate office is located)

2. Contacting the local district attorney

to file a consumer complaint.

3. You can always file a claim in Small Claims Court....where you can add costs to the case (days off work, gas, copy costs, etc.)

OR call the regional/area/district manager of the Best Buy store where you made this purchase and light a fire under his butt to get this problem taken care of ASAP.

AFTER the problem has been resolved TO YOUR SATISFACTION....get a gift card from Best Buy to compensate you and your family for all the BS they put you through.

You decide how much $100.00 $150.00 etc.

You can always go local and complaint to a tv station/news channel....they have consumer action hotlines...rather lame though.

Good Luck & BE TOUGH!

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