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i took my truck(2010 F150) to worstbuy store for a amp/sub install they did the worst install posible. when i complained I was told that i did not pay for good install i paid for a sh***ty install.

they did not return the left over equipment. they installed the sub in a "fire to be happen way". they did not test the system. they charged $ 400.00 and my system is not working properly, the driver door has a rattling noise, one speaker has no sound after 2 wks install.

i contact corporate office just to be told that they are sorry... but not regrets or way to fix the problem other than take it back to the store... ever again i am going to step in any worstbuy store in the world. geek guys are only that clowns that rip your pocket with the ilusion they will fix your problem.

it happen at Spring Hill FL store. Make your live easier never take your car to a worstbuy store...

Monetary Loss: $400.

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I definitely not going to deny that they overcharge for their car surface and most of the employees who work in the car install are ***. At my store we just happened to get lucky and get a guy who has been working on car electronics his whole life.

I just tell all my bodies it is way cheaper to go down the road to a local guy who installs for half the cost.

To have 4 speakers, new car deck, 2 twelve inch subs, a capacitor, a 4 way channeler and a 1000watt amp installed they wanted to charge me near $800. I was able to find an amazing installer who actually also taught me how to install everything as he went along for an even $200 something best buy could never even come close to matching.

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