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Best Buy's $200 a year tech support - is actually the same "3rd party" (subcontractors in India) who have gone back into ATT's customers computers after they were RED X disconnected from a live control session. Best Buy's Concierge Team at $200 a year while "ATT's" offers it for $15 a month are using the exact same platform, software, security or lack there of and "3rd Party companies/subcontractors.

Best Buy, may be subcontracting them independently of ATT but they are the actors. Best Buy however is using a team in North America to set your computer up by telephone and online, who then takes control of your computer, looks at your setup and then tell you they need /ATT to transfer you to a "SPECIALIST" that will take over from there. You are then transferred to the same multiple "3rd party" companies and techs who have ZERO SECURITY, NO RULES OR LAWS that must be followed.

ATT's - USA APPOINTED THE/LEASONE, who receives his paycheck from ATT, relays communications from the group of (6 people) that are responsible for the WORLDWIDE SECURITY of ATT's assets and security for ALL of ATT's customers.

Assets - I was told that included everything of value that ATT own worldwide and the security breaches by subcontractors are handled by these 6-people. The one I was fortunate enough to finally respond to my self generated complaint, because ATT never reported it to his group, didn't see this as a "SERIOUS ISSUE" when restated a second time for him, as SOMEONE IN INDIA, WHO WORKS FOR ATT (he clarified- they are 3rd Party companies, they do not work for ATT) GOT ON MY COMPUTER THE NEXT TIME I TURNED IT ON AND WAS CONTROLLING MY MOUSE (going back into my files folders and pulled out an invoice file with wire transfer information, accts, etc..) AND WHEN I TRIED TAKING CONTROL OF THE MOUSE AGAIN, THE CURSOR CONTINUED GOING BACK TO THE SAME FILES.

I shut the computers down, rebooted internet, routers, etc..

and contacted ATT. Who shrugged it off.

This is the same 3rd Parties that BEST BUY is using and it took me over 4-hours to try to get help removing a 32inch screen ICON 60Hz stays on screen of my new 32" Dell monitor purchased just a week or so ago (new in the box, 32" model S3220-DGF- not found in Dells database nor Dells chat support could assist me since the model didn't come up for them either. Their concierge guy in Connecticut for Best Buy was very helpful after the first 3-calls to others. He actually wanted to fix it, he tried and couldn't and he wanted to transfer me to INDIA.

Needless to say, I told him no thanks let me speak to your mgr. His mgr. said he was very busy (before 10am and to tell me would call me back in 30-mins. 45-mins later i was routed to my concierge, apparently because I called him before and I told him I had not received that call yet.

He was even aggravated that he had not called me yet and was again telling my concierge to tell me he would call me back, yet again. It is now 2:09pm more than 30-minutes later and over 6-hours from my initial call for BEST BUYS TECHNICAL SUPPORT and I haven't heard SQUAT from the mgr. of concierge, Best Buy nor Dell... I was even doing Google searches to try to resolve the issue myself and I was not able to find the same issue with this monitor.

STAY AWAY FROM BEST BUY's CONCIERGE SERVICE BS, SAVE YOUR MONEY, they have no techs in the USA, they don't have techs at the store who fix anything or diagnose anything anymore.... This was also the same problem before COVID so I can't even give them a pass there. I buy and sell equipment and parts around the world. I charge a little more but the service is there and only one piece of equipment was almost delayed in reaching downtown NY in 2020 just before the city was locked down.

And only after this JULY of 2021's uptick in Covid where I was not able to hire a Mechanic to travel to Cancun Mexico have been the only issues in my ability to continue doing profitable, safe and secure business (excluding the ATT-incident, still pending ATT's investigation, etc... That was around August 9th or so. I guess i will be looking for a lawyer for help with that. ATT wanted my computer for "digital forensic examination" I agreed as long as it was a 3rd party and the tech in India's computer was there for a neutral 3rd party to do the investigation or the CIA/FBI.

I think this country's citizens are owed a degree of privacy and security from two companies, who received Millions of dollars worth of TAX relief 4-years ago. Certainly ATT who has sucked us dry for decades. They get grants and loans and property right of ways, easement right of ways, etc.. on top of the DIRECTTV cable Rip off, then went to DirectTVNOW streaming, who then left because of a extremely poor streaming platform and rate hikes again left ATT and came back and retried their newly named ATTVNOW streaming which sucked and now I see they have again REBRANDED DIRECTV/DIRECTVNOW/ATTVNOW to something like DIERECTV STREAM how many times do you have to flip the dog (ATT DirectTV) over before you decide the dog is dead and bury it?

PS- Lord, I'll take title of one of the worst spellers in America, if you will do something about your speel check on this website.

You can'y use the symbol and for ATandT without it writing some cryptic junk, thats just a little of the issues but thank you for trying to correct my horrifc spelling and grammar. I spelled grammar 3-different ways and it accepted all of them.

User's recommendation: Watch out, Do Not Allow anyone to have access to your computers anymore.

Location: Jacksonville, Florida

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I feel sorry for any person that has to deal with your level of crazy. That wasn't Best Buy.

You were scammed. Good luck on the internet.

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