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I bought a laptop and Geek Squad service for 2-3 years (based on the seller recommendation) from the Westhills Town Center Best Buy (Calgary, Alberta), but when I got a receipt I have figured out that the most of the offers done during the conversation are missing. Particularly the discount was not the one which was agreed, the computer case (bag) was missing and the half year of free Geek Squad services were not been considered as well.

After my complain all the mentioned above were been revealed and I have been told that they will call me during the next 24 hours in order to come and pick up the computer with the Windows 8.1, MS office and antivirus installed on it. I wait for 3 days, nobody called me. Then I have decided to go to the Best Buy to figure out what was the problem. In the shop i have been told that the computer is not ready yet and I have a choice to wait or to do the installations by myself online.

Then disappointed in the services provided for which I have to be paid, I decided to cancel the service in order to escape the future headache, keeping in mind that if the MS Office and antivirus takes more than 4 days (I did such kind of job before and it took from me an hour) what would be in more difficult cases.

After cancellation the the customer service proposed me a to pay for all items I have received as discounts by the regular price as well as 99 dollars more for the installation service which was missing. So all the offers and discounts were cancelled because I was not taking the service agreement for "2 YEAR NO SERVICE".

Let me mentioned that the cancelled 20% discount was received by me because the computer was "open box" and they have changed a broken button(s) before selling it to me. So I have decided to return it and never make a purchases from the Best Buy in future.

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I would say to RETURN it. Because It will surely not live up to your expectation.

worst Buy got its name for a reason they are terrible. Never shop at that store again TRY AMAZON,NEWEGG,even walmart is BETTER!!

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