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I am writing this letter first of all, and most importantly because of the terrible service I have received from your Gresham store on 11/14 I believe his name was Morgan. I am so upset I would like to stand out front of your store and tell customers how terrible the store is and how they do not care about their customers.

I have never in my life been treated so terrible and made to buy something I really didn’t need. Plus, this was not the only time I was treated terribly by your employees. I would never in a million years suggest to anyone to go to your store ever. Anyway I told him several times I wanted to purchase a computer because someone had stolen mine not Geek Service.

All he did is go on and on and on about getting the service for at least ten minutes or longer. Plain and simple I just got tired and wanted to shut him up. I repeated and repeated to him I did not need it I was going to put it away because I could not afford internet service for a while. He should have told me then that the warranty was only for 30 days and it would not be any good.

I thought it would be fine I didn’t even think about the warranty and he never said a word concerning it. Anyway I ended up buying the whole mess just to get the computer and get away from him. Three days later I went back to the store to pick up the computer from Geek Service. Once again I tried to explain to the sales person I really didn’t want or need the service he yelled at me and told me YOU BOUGHT THE SERVICE.

I WAS VERY UPSET AND LEFT THE STORE AND NEVER TOUCHED THE COMPUTER AGAIN. I tried calling the main office and could not get through on the phone line some of the people answering the phone don’t understand what I want which was the main office of the company. So I could let the company know how terrible the service is. I myself have been in cu8stomer service all my life and I wouldn’t even dream of treating anyone like I have been treated.

On top of that, my boss would have fired me. Finally, I decided since my grandson was going to graduate from high school and go on to college I would just give the computer to him and he is very computer savvy. This is the first time I had taken the computer out of the box which the Geeks had opened not me. Anyway I didn’t even turn on the computer just wrap it up.

The next thing I knew maybe a month later my grandson said to me that the computer did not work. He said “he would turn it on and instantly it would shut down”. I was very upset to realize I spent almost $700.00 and this computer probably never worked. Anyway this is my third trip back to the store I tried to explain to the employee’s and managers what the whole problem was they almost laughed at me that was not very nice.

Told me I was not a very nice person. They said there was nothing they could do except charge me for the Geek service again I said that is radicicolous. I already paid for it once and never used it. The Geek service sales people wouldn’t listen to me either not any of the employees listen to me.

I told one guy 3 times that the computer would not stay on and all he did is keep asking did anyone try to input any information. What does it take to get through to your employees? All I wanted was another computer that they had not touched or opened the box plus refund my Geek Service money. Anything would have been nice or deceit treatment.

I am an older woman who doesn’t spend my money frivolously, waste it or make a whole lot. Plus, I am a grandma who really tries to help her 4 grandkids this is not nice or fair to treat me like this. Additionally, it took me 4 phone calls today 1/12/17 to talk to Supervisor she told me she could have done something if I hadn’t opened the box I did not open the box the Geek Service did open the box. So why can’t I be reimbursed or at least given another computer.

Please fix the problem it’s not right to rip someone off.

June Cochran 2232 SE 180 the Portland, OR. 97233 503 750-0746

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $700.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Best Buy Cons: Employees.

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As you obviously don't understand computers or are able to understand return policies on electronic items you would be much better off buying gift cards and letting your grandchildren purchase the computers they need. This will also avoid your buying something that isn't really doesn't meet their requirements in a computer.


i feel the same way what a rip off and i am a senior on top of it, social sercurity


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