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I purchased an internet router for $99.00 from Best Buy. After purchasing this product, I realized that I did not need this as my internet provider included this in the installation.

It took me a few weeks to get back to the store to return it. While at the return counter the clerk notified me that she would not be able to take the router back. There was nothing wrong with the router, it was in all original packaging and there was a rack beside the counter with the same routers for the same price as the price I purchased it. I asked to speak with a manager.

I explained why I was returning the product to a manager as well and he told me he could not accept it either as it had been a several weeks since I purchased it. I asked him for help and told him I was going to be spending a few hundred dollars in the store that day after returning the product. He insisted that he could still not take it back. I told him that I would then take my business elsewhere, and I did.

I bought the items that I was going to buy there at another retailer.

I am in the customer service industry and this is my second awful customer service experience with this company. I will not be back or referring Best Buy to anyone.

Product or Service Mentioned: Best Buy Installation.

Monetary Loss: $99.

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I spent over $5000 at their store in my area in about ten months. They gave me some "special" silver or platinum thing, you get a couple %?

back. At Xmas I needed a couple of laptops, I get this "advanced" notice for their "special" members, for some deal on the laptops I can use. Early on "Black Friday" I go to my office, get online from the email link they sent me, but the computer isn't there. I call.

They say I have to go to the store, I go. They don't have it, they tell me it's an online only deal. I could only think, "Are you *** me? ".

I called again to make sure there wasn't some mistake or mixup. To shorten this, at the end of the day, they basically (I had to interpret a lot of ***) they had a couple of machines at the store..NOT online at the link. Apparently, the message you were supposed to guess at was that the 2 machines they had went on sale at the store at 4:00 in the gnikcuf morning! So much for premium membership.

It amounts to a minor discount if you spend tons with them. That was about three years ago, since I've spent at least $10K at their competitors, and I'll never darken their door, again.


Worst buy is what all should call it. They changed to SCREW the customers out of money.

You control how and where to spend your money remember that and DO NOT SHOP WORST BUY AGAIN.


15 days is becoming industry standard for electronics. Why did you think the rules didn't apply to you?

2 weeks is plenty of time to return an item you don't want. No one wants to buy electronics that have been sitting in someone's house for months.

Sara L

This is called being an arrogant, entitled, *** hat. It seems to be a common problem amongst consumers these days.

Companies have POLICIES on returns and refunds, it is YOUR job as a responsible consumer to know what they are. There is NO reason why a company should have to make an EXCEPTION for YOU.

Your welcome. :roll :roll

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