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I bought a TV from Best Buy (online). Three of four times, I got the confirmation phone call for next day delivery and waited at home, but no one came. Only one time, right before the delivery time, I saw an email stating that the delivery has been re-scheduled. The forth time, the truck came but no TV. It was a scheduling mistake. I then called the customer service and complained. After a lot of arguing, the customer service agent agreed to sell me another TV with the same price. After that, I called Best Buy to make sure they won't deliver an open-box TV (that costs 300 dollars less). The customer service person told me that they won't. Another day of waiting, the truck arrived. It was an open-box TV being delivered.

Best Buy has the worst costumer service in the world. Besides, it cheats and lies all the time. If you call the customer service, don't expect them to keep their word. They never bother to record what they have said. Oh, by the way, I forgot to mention that in one phone call during my complain, the customer service agent told me to wait for her to find a TV for me. She never returned to the phone. In addition, after I bought the new TV, I never received the conformation through email as they promised. The entire online operation is a mess. I wrote to Best Buy several times and never got any answer. Don't bother buying a TV from Best Buy online.


Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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All t.v.s are opened and inspected at the warehouse to confirm you are not getting a broken tv so you dont have the hassle of waiting AGAIN....

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