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I went to BestBuys to purchase a vacumn and a computer what a fiasco.The first girl had helped a customer she looked us right in the face and went to someone else and waited on them. After about 10 minutes a guy comes along and she must have said something to him because the first thing he says is shes not allowed to sell the computers funny she had sold 2 while we were waiting.

I showed him the computer i wanted i had the vacumn on the cart allready so i go to pay i take out my Bestbuy card and it happened to be my husbands card i had left mine home but all he had to do was swipe the card or look on the account and seen i was an authorised user i had all my husbands credit cards and his id in my wallet. This is where it starts the first thing out of his mouth mind you is how do i know if your a mystery shopper or not i said excuse me he repeated it.I said what has a mystery shopper got to do with me and this purchase this is a manager talking he said well if your a mystery shopper i could get a bad review. He never looked up the account or swiped the card my name would have come up on both but because my name is Scottie even though im a female i had my ID he refused to let me purchase the items but he said what i can do is help you order it online which made no sense if you can type it in on line why can you not just do the transaction his reply was because you might be a mystery shopper i said forget it if i choose to purchase these items i can do it online myself .I got the vacumn at Homedepot for 71.00 less then they were charging for it and i got the computer with accessories from Amazon for 129.00 less then they were charging without the accessories.

Its a good thing i wasnt a mystery shopper because everyone we encountered in the store would have failed miserably.He said different employees can only sell certain items like the girl who waited on all the black customers ignored us and then went and got a white manager to which he claimed she was only allowed to sell micro soft products Huhhh???? All in all i will pay off the little bit thats on the Bestbuy credit card and cut it up and trash it.They definitely have issues about mystery shoppers which makes me think they had encountered one along the way and the end result wasnt good.They ended up loseing a 2,000 dollar sale.

Product or Service Mentioned: Best Buy Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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