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Having previously purchased two Asus laptops from the store located on Lindbergh Boulevard in St. Louis, Missouri about a year ago I returned to the store two days ago (6/26) to purchase a battery charger.

I explained to the sales associate that I didnt have the device with but the prior two stores didnt carry a charger that was compatible with an Asus computer. He handed me a box that matched the Targus brand that I had stated that I'd been using. He did not explain that voltage on these is very important and should have brought my computer in to verify the charger would work. Less than five minutes after returning home and plugging in my computer it popped and went dark, hasn't started since.

As I work from home full time on a computer, I was lucky that we have a backup computer that I was able to use, though this one was also using the same charger as the other so we were out of a charger as I did not want to plug in the newly purchased one into the working computer in case it shorted it out. I took the computer into my employee IT department and they stated the battery cord caused the computer to short out and to return it and see what the staff could do to rectify the situation. The following day my husband returned to the store to speak with the geek squad regarding the issue and was told that it was an error by best buy and we were sold the wrong cord. Instead of offering a replacement or any type of discount he was offered a full priced almost $600 "device" (as the manager Kyle kept referring to it as).

As the experts within the store stated it was best buy error we were NOT going to pay that amount for a DEVICE. So, he verified with the geek squad the accurate cord to purchase and clarified that it WOULD WORK. Within 10 minutes of having it plugged in and as he was on the phone with your customer service department to discuss the horrible in store treatment, HIS COMPUTER WENT OUT. The prior working computer popped and went dark, hasn't started since.

In the meantime I did return to the store to speak with the manager, Kyle, who was nothing but uncaring and acted as if he knew nothing of what I was talking about until I was halfway through talking. My main complaint was regarding the employee who sold me the wrong cord that caused my computer to short out. Best buy is supposed to be a place where the community goes to speak with experts who know all of the details regarding computers because they are extremely expensive and can be used to make an income for a family of three. Rather than offer any type of assistance, Kyle stated the store was not liable for the cord or the computer shorting out.

He was not apologetic, understanding, willing to work with me, nothing. A pompous ***. Following my return home and finding my husband with his now broken computer I told him to return to the store and fix the situation. TWO COMPUTERS IN ONE DAY THAT STOPPED WORKING FOLLOWING THE PLUG IN OF TWO SEPARATE CORDS PURCHASED FROM THIS STORE.

Upon arriving at the store and speaking with the geek squad once again, Kyle came over and stated that "as he told your wife we aren't fixing anything" or something of that sort. Maybe he didnt realize that he was there for a SECOND computer going out because he didnt bother to ask. He called the St. Louis County police to escort my husband from the store while stating that he couldn't take the merchandise that WE owned with him.

After refusing to leave without our belongings, a police officer nicely waited for the Geek Squad to finish looking at the computer, spoke with my husband about what was going on, and couldn't believe it was the second computer that had been broken. Because it sounds so unbelievable doesn't it? The unbelievably horrible customer service related to "devices" that cost hundreds of dollars. If it was a wireless telephone, Verizon would have rectified the situation not acted as if it was the consumers fault when the evidence showed otherwise.

Following repeated attempts to contact and comment regarding this business to hopefully get some type of compensation, I have come to this to hopefully get attention to the horrible trained staff and managers who are selling items that they have no knowledge of while costing their consumers time and money. Absolutely horrible.

Product or Service Mentioned: Best Buy Customer Care.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

Best Buy Cons: Entire experience.

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Its not the employees responsibility to know the ends and outs of YOUR property. Acting like a child because you didn't read YOUR owners manual is irresponsible.

Trying to get people riled up against an employee simply because of your ignorance and self entitlement is pathetic.

I wouldn't have paid for your mistake either. Pompous ****

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