I purchased my 6th TV (42" flat screen) from Best Buy on Sunday Oct. 27th 2013. It was a online purchase for my Mothers 74th Birthday and was to be delivered to and installed at her home in Fayetteville, NC. (THIS WAS SUPPOSED TO BE A SURPRISE)The website gave me a window for delivery info (who to send it to) but did not give me a window to schedule a delivery date and time as it was suppose to. So the next day (Monday Oct. 28th 2013) I called Best buy who transferred me to a person to schedule the delivery. This young lady did not know what she was doing. Even though she claimed she was looking at my purchase order on her computer, she gave me the wrong delivery address, didn't know the item purchased and she made mistake after mistake. It took her 57 minute's to schedule this delivery. When I asked to speak to a manager she told me she was in contact with her manager to help her schedule the delivery. Finally the TV was scheduled to be delivered and installed Sat. Nov. 02, 2013 between 12pm & 4pm.

WELL, the TV arrived yesterday (Wednesday Oct. 31 2013) via UPS. NO ONE WAS HOME SO THE UPS MAN LEFT THE TV OUTSIDE, ON THE SIDE OF THE HOUSE. IT SAT THERE ALL DAY. (Thank God it's a good neighborhood) Now my Mom see's the note from ups that a TV was delivered and left at the back of the house and at 73 yrs old she can't move it. I get notified at 4:40pm. So I called Best Buy Customer Service and spoke to "JUSTIN". He tells me there's nothing they can do until maybe Saturday. I asked him to send a rep. from Best Buy in Fayetteville (8 miles from my Mothers home) to bring the TV inside the house. He said he couldn't do that. I live in NJ so my sister in Durham NC (2hrs away) had to drive down to Fayetteville to bring the TV in and install it.


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San Antonio, Texas, United States #737414

It sounds like you're confused by what you where getting. The TV was shipped via UPS like it should have been. However you took the install date to be the date the TV would arrive. Sorry but that's not how it works. There's no such thing as Saturday UPS delivery. It's clear from the way you describe the order process that you assumed something worked one way. What they offered was shipping (which occurred) and installation, not delivery and installation. Note the first involves shipping the item via UPS, USPS, FedEx, ie shipping. The second involves them bringing the item with them. It doesn't matter if it's BestBuy, or any other company if you order online the item is going to be shipped. If you order straight from the store the store could deliver since they can take one out of their stock. Remember that online and brick stores are separate.

Sorry but you got what they said they would do. You just misunderstood what was going to happen and are unhappy now because of it.

Bottom line if you want it delivered at the same time as installation you have to order through the local store, regardless of company. If you order online the item is shipped to you and may get there a few days early to ensure it's there when the installer gets there.


Worst buy. Worst buy and worst buy.

nO MORE buying ANYTHING from worst buy.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #735980

Ding Ding Ding...your a winner....wow your 6th TV....that's....well ....no body cares. Seriously though since its already outside....have momms plug it in and pretend you are at an outdoor theater

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