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Went today to purchase a Moto Z 64GB Phone after checking to see if it was available through their website at the store I went to. Said there was plenty in stock.

I arrived - and the rep was nice and friendly - however - the rep does not listen very well. I told him exactly what I wanted a Moto Z 64GB Unlocked Phone. Complete with a bunch of accessories. He brought out four different phones until he finally got it.

He would not let me see the box of the phone until after I paid for it. Once paid for - I got the box and looked at it - sure enough the genius got the wrong one. I wound up returning it on the spot. After spending 1hr.

Then - I went on to call another store down the road. The store was about 25 minutes away - as it turns out - I wound up arriving at the store before someone had answered my phone call. I was on hold for about 30 minutes at the store location. Frustrated I left because it was also not available.

Then - I got home - went online - and decided to see what was going on online. Turns out amazon has the same phone for 499 not 699 so I am like wow ok. Best Buy does a price match. 1 hr into a chat through best buy website and the worst *** service through a chat agent named James left me in utter frustration.

I am writing this because there is nothing you can *** do to resolve this. This is why Best buy and every other retailer will go out of business. After waiting an hour on chat to get a *** price match - i decided to go onto amazon and purchase it. Best thing I get free shipping to my door by tomorrow after noon.

This is why Best Buy will end. Your service is terrible your agents are retarded and your pricing is god awful. Now onto the problem at hand. 1.

Motorola makes the Moto Z 64GB Unlocked in only ONE MODEL - BLACK FRONT AND BLACK w/ LUNAR GREY TRIM 2. Amazon labeled it correctly 3. Best Buy website did not 4.

I have attached pictures of everything so you momos can see what is going on.

Product or Service Mentioned: Best Buy Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: just go out of business your days are numbered - if you want to learn how to do business and sell things - look at amazon.

Best Buy Pros: Parking thats all they have there.

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