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Today's saga: bought 49" Samsung TV from Best Buy Valpo June 23. While watching it last week suddenly picture went black.

Had sound but nothing else. Called Samsung, no help. Purchased warranty plan (which I usually don't do) for additional $190. Called Best Buy's Geek Squad for service but they could not come until today.

Service man could not do anything for it, said it was defective and sould be returned to store. Drove to store expecting replacement Per geek people and customer service the replacement policy is only 15 days. My choice if I wanted to leave the store with a replacement TV today is to buy an additional warranty plan for $190 to cover the replacement because they would use my just purchased plan to cover the repair cost to send it to Samsung, otherwise the store would be out $600, which I imagine is their cost. I asked what Best Buy's proceeds were on a daily basis but they didn't share that with me.

I then ask if they would at least deliver it. They would for a delivery charge of $69 or they could ship it UPS but I would not know when it would be delivered and did not want it sitting outside my front door if I wasn't home. I asked how I could get it fixed for no additional charge. The only way is for them to send it to the manufacturer and call me to come pick it up in approximately 2 weeks.

Yes I did ask for the manager and of course was given all the platitudes corporate America tells their underlings to use to sooth us Savage Beasts. I told them I knew BS when I heard it. So here I am with my first payment due and no TV. I'll live, I have other TV's.

However I did opt for the 2 year no interest plan. While I intended to pay it off in a few months I will now pay the minimum each month until May 2020 at which time I will make the final payment. I know in the scheme of things this won't hurt them but will make me feel better. Also I am still in the market for a new electric range but want see it first.

Lowe's in MC doesn't stock many electric ranges but Best Buy in South Bend does stock the 2 I am interested in. So I'll visit Best Buy and get all the information I need to make the decision and then order it from Lowe's which has always treated me well. By the way I promised Best Buy I would share my thoughts with the world. Consider it done.

PS:. It is now 8/7/18 and I still don't have a TV.

Product or Service Mentioned: Best Buy Customer Care.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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