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Update by user Jul 30, 2016

I did finally purchase the tv and it arrived with the screen busted!! The nightmare never ends with Best Buy, I'm emotionally exhausted with this entire process. They are shipping me another tv out, but this has been one big inconvenience.

Original review posted by user Jul 29, 2016

I attempted to buy a Sharp 50" Smart Tv on Best Buy online on Saturday, 07/23/16. I entered my credit card info and it declined.

My bank called to verify it was me, and when i confirmed it was, they told me to try again in 3 minutes, which I did, and my card was charged. I checked my email a few hours later, and when i hit "check order status" it said "failed authorization". I called Best Buy, and they said it declined because my name didn't match what was on my card, but my bank accepted the charge, so i had a pending charge on my account for $320.99. The representative tried my card again, and again it charged my card, but it declined on Best Buy's side.

Now, I have 2 pending charges for $320.99 on my account, adding up to $643.00! The representative wanted to cancel the order, and try another card, saying the pending charges should drop off in 24 hours since it would be a cancelled order. I asked him if he cancelled the order, would I still be able to buy the TV, because it was no longer available for delivery or store pickup anymore. He assured me I would not lose out on the TV.

Well, when he went to add the TV into the cart, he couldn't because yes, I DID lose out on the TV!! He felt bad, so he got a manager's approval to take $100 off of a TV of my choice. He told me to be safe I should take my case number to a Best Buy store and give it the store manager and he will honor it after calling in and verifying the $100 discount, which I did, and the manager called, came back and told me I would have to purchase it online because "he would have to take the $100 hit" and he wasn't going to do that. Unbelievable!

So now, the saga begins to get the two charges on my account removed. I called my bank to see what i had to do to get this money back, she told me Best Buy would have to fax them and state that the order was cancelled and to release the funds. I called Best Buy and gave them the information, and they assured me within 24 hours they would fax my bank. I called back in 24 hours to my bank, they have not received a fax, so i call Best Buy again, and they said they would fax it, and to give them ANOTHER 24 hours, which I did, again, my bank had not received a fax!

I again call Best Buy, and this time I ask to speak to a manager, and he wuldn't let me, he said they don't talk to customers....really?? I raised immortal ***, and he then transferred me, I remained on hold for 20 minutes, I hear someone pick up, and I can hear them typing, and then they hang up on me! I called back, I have to give my information to yet another representative and she tells me I can take the cancelled order email and show it to a manger in the store and he would fax it for me, which I called bull malarkey on, because why would an in store manager have anything to do with an online cancelled order?? She put me on hold to call the back office and find out the status of the fax, she comes back and says my bank can call them and they will talk to them about releasing the money.

She gives me a number, which was 100 061` 9015 (fake number) I repeat it back to her, she confirms it is right, and I hang up with her and try the number and yes, it is fake! I call right back and get yet ANOTHER representative and he calls the back office and then comes back and tells me the fax was sent. I call my bank, no fax has been received!! They assured me the pending charges would drop off in 5 to 7 days after the order was cancelled, which this was the 5th day, so I decided to just wait on that to happen, which it did the following day, thank goodness, with no help from Best Buy at all!

I have never been treated so poorly by a company, ever. I was lied to, hung up on, and given a fake number, all by a huge corporate conglomerate! I will never, ever be doing business with them again!

They, in no way, were going to assist me in getting my money back, and in the end, it was their fault I was charged twice!

Product or Service Mentioned: Best Buy Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $643.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Best Buy Pros: Price of the products.

Best Buy Cons: Customer service.

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