I purchased some home appliances at best buy on the 24th of august , and was promised delivery on the memorial day , I specially asked tare you sure on labour day , she said if it is okay in the system than they will deliver , than I receive a call that they can't because it was a holiday , so I said no problem , the assured me delivery on the Tuesday at 7.30am , I receive a call at 7am telling me that they had to reschedule to Thursday , at that point I wad very anxious because both delivery dates where made by them not me , so I asked or a manger , he says we can't do anything with the delivery but come to the store and i will ive you fit certificate for $50. , I thought that was an insult , as I am a parent and moving in a new oe and néed the appliances , I asked to speak to a supervisor , she called me after sometime and was extremely rude to me due to my accent , and hung up the phone in my face when I tried to explain to her my story she even made fun of me , I am very disappointed in the costlier service they provide having people working for them like that , I should not be treated different because of my race, colour etc , I had to cancel my order and will take my business else where .

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