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I paid $1600 for an HP Envy laptop almost a year and a half ago. My 5th or 6th HP in 18 years.

After almost 18 months, I am totally fed up. I want to dash the *** thing at the nearest wall. I HATE the flat keys and I hate the supposed mouse. The screen goes up and down at the speed of lightening from beginning to end.

It takes me 2 hours to read a document that should take half an hour. Not user friendly at all. I have tp use a computer at the public library even tho I have this expensive machine.

(I live more than 100 miles from a BB.) *** Best Buy and *** HP. They upsell you a computer and service that you can’t even use.

Product or Service Mentioned: Hewlett Packard Laptop.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I don't Envy your laptop ... a new computer every 3 years or so ?

--- since you had to drive 100 miles to the store did you not examine the item you purchased before settling on this model ?

... you would have discovered the first two gripes right off - but I've never heard of anyone's computer moving too fast.

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