Asheville, North Carolina

At the end of January, 2009, we bought an $800 Acer computer from Best Buy in Asheville, N.C.,and forked over another $30 to "optimize" Windows. We got it home and were pleased to have such a nice, fast computer, but our happiness didn't last very long. Within a couple of weeks, it started malfunctioning.

We took it back to the store, the Geek Squad looked at it, decided it needed to be sent out and three weeks later we had our computer back. (RAM replaced).Lo and behold, it worked for a week or two, but then it started slowing down again and again it was impossible to get it restarted. Went back to the store, they sent it in again, another couple of weeks went by, got it back.

This time they replaced the hard drive, without letting us know that that was what they were going to do. We got the computer back home and guess what? Since we had an absolutely BLANK hard drive, we now were worse off than when we first bought the computer. After many calls and on-line research, we finally hooked up with an ACER representative (in India), who promised to send us "recovery disks". Interesting that WE had to pay for these disks. Best Buy seemed to think this was normal!

We had just gone through the entire process of installing all our programs back on the computer, when we noticed how agonizingly slow the computer was. And after only a day and a half, it died again. This time we spoke to the manager of BEST BUY in Asheville, Duncan, who was totally unresponsive to our request for a replacement for this obvious lemon. All he would do was send in the computer for repairs for a third time. He would not even promise to 'optimize' the computer for free, once it would be repaired. (IF EVER...)

Best Buy has a monopoly in Asheville at present and they take advantage of that position. Now that we are having these problems, we have checked on-line complaints about BEST BUY and are STUNNED to see that there are thousands. Misery loves company, but obviously the company is not paying any attention and is out for the $$$$ and cares nothing about customer service. We are in the market for other electronics, such as a plasma TV in the near future, but we will not set foot in another BEST BUY store to save our lives. They have lost us, and thousands of other potential customers. Shame on this company. They deserve to go out of business with their lousy products and horrible customer service.

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oh that was strange to see how someone one else just like me bought a acer computer from best and i had bought mine in 2008. when i was trying to choose a computer they kept saying what a great computer it was so i thought well its got to be good if they keep trying that hard to sale it to me and kept bragging on it well geuss what this computer wasnt cheap i got my computer left the store thinking how nice the sales people were trying to help me get the right one well i hadnt even had it 2 years and it went out.they said it is going to cost me more to fix that one then to go get new one that made me really up set and i dont think i will ever go back to that store again to trust there sales people to sale me anything.they just wanted to make a big sale they didnt care about me.and then if they did fix it it was going to cost a arm and a now i am going today to buy a new computer but not from them.:( :(


No store has a monopoly. Do you have an internet connection? Ever heard of Ever thought of looking for a solution to your problem?

Now I own 2 Acer notebooks. One I bought last novmber and one I bought in june.

No probs here. Did notice one was running "slow" but Google is my friend and what google doesn't know isn't important.

so stop yer *** and look for a solution.