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Retuned a HDMI cable that the salesman said I needed and I did not this cable cost 50 bucks.I don't live close to the Best Buy store and I returned the cable 36 days after the purchase with the reciept.

The customer service said it was out of return and would have to do a no-reciept return for store credit. I said that that would suck but better than nothing. Then she said that I would not get my 50 bucks back that was written on the reciept because the Item had gone on clearance and was 10 dollars less. So now I get 40 dollars worth of instore credit.

Best Buy you are a rip off, F^C$ OFF steal my 10 dollars and make my buy something from your $hyttY store.

F^C$ OFF again.Shame on you.

Monetary Loss: $10.

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Unhappy17, you're a ***.why did you buy it in the first place?

and did it really take you like 2 months to realize that you didn't need the cord? calm down and learn store policies instead of assuming that you can make a store do what you want.

you're lucky that they were even willing to do a non receipted return which results in the lowest price in the past 30 days so they don't have people constantly cheating them by buying products and then returning them when the price is higher so they get more back.and judging by your second little paragraph there, you're a psycho.




You returned it after the return policy expired. You should be fortunate you got anything from that store. Not our problem you dont live near a best buy.

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