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I was in your store on Colonial Ave E, in Orlando, and your clerk was copping some kind of sarcastic attitude with me because I was asking questions about a product. (Example: I asked him if a Kindle had a light, and he said "Can't you see?") I told him (politely) that this wasn't working, and I'll go somewhere else. As I turned to walk toward the exit, he grabbed my shirt to hold me back.

I raised my voice, telling him not to do that. He said he didn't mean to grab my shirt, he meant to grab my arm. I used some "bad words," as one of your managers told me. I told him what happened. First he told me that he was watching us (I don't know why he would be watching us) and the clerk didn't grab my shirt. He later changed that to "from my perspective, I didn't see it." So I suggested multiple times he ask the clerk. (My exact request, "Ask him if he grabbed my shirt.") He refused to do so. He only wanted to talk about MY behavior. I got the feeling that he was actually trying to escalate the matter by not addressing my issue at all.

My position is that if you don't want customers raising their voices and using bad words, first, your clerks should not assault customers. Second, The assault should be addressed, if the customer's "bad behavior" is going to be addressed. Third, if the customer requests that the assault be dealt with multiple times, his requests should not be met with multiple refusals. Fourth, refusal to address the customer's complaint will only escalate the matter; in fact, I felt I was being goaded.

Grabbing my shirt is both criminal and civil assault. Ask your lawyers and they will confirm that. I have not decided what legal action I will take, if any.

I don't expect an honest and fair resolution of this, given what has happened so far. But I will certainly never shop in your store on Colonial again. And I will feel free to post this experience on any and all review boards if that suits my mood.

This reviewer shared experience about "getting assaulted by a store worker" and wants this business to read this review and look into the issue (if any). This person is overall dissatisfied with Best Buy. Reviewer wants customer support to reach our to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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