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Total lack of customer service,misleading sales and their once it's out the door, not their problem policy has taught me to NEVER do business with Best Buy! Still an automatic charge for renewal of anti virus appeared on my credit card!---I assumed for an ASUS computer that we had to totally wipe 3 years ago---Why?

Hmmm. Now I find out that they sold me anti virus for the MacBook instead! The computer that didn't need anti virus. Bad me for letting it get paid this long!--but when I did catch it last week (and it has taken a week to get to the bottom of it---the renewal charge was over 30 days old (and please realize much of that time was because they hadn't sent me the bill due to the billing cycle), so Best Buy will not credit back the entire amount of the 'automatic' renewal (is over 30 days)!

I guess screwing with me when all I expected was for them to *** the current charge ---confirms that the big screen we want to shop for will NOT be from Best Buy. Nor will anyone I know shop there if I can help it. Just renewed our phones ELSEWHERE with great customer service! Don't buy into the Best Buy 'has it all' illusion!

Their return policy stinks!

The refrigerator we'd bought there always had issues and suffered with it for 2 years until safety forced us to replace our 'new' one from Best Buy. The router---their 'coupons'---Looking back, I'm embarrassed that I kept trying to do business with them!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

Preferred solution: The $1000 mark is because of the *** frig I had to replace! Right now--just get this ridiculous charge off my account!---How petty of a business to want to continue to screw me for $7.08! But that's how you guys are. .

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