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"I purchased 2 of these laptops. The first laptop was purchased early December from Best Buy online. Shortly after, I was having issues with the screen and mouse freezing after I open the lip. It seemed to be an intermittent issue but after a week of having it - it became more of an inconvenience. Under the impression that it was just a isolated incident I advised the CSR what I was expriencing and my full refund was provided with no questions asked.

The second laptop was purchased a week after since it was sold out at all the local Best Buy's.

YET AGAIN, I was experiencing the same issue with the screen freezing. This time, I attempted to get the issue resolved with technical support - to no avail. Not only was the issue causing me a lot of frustration but at this point in time, I had spend about 2 hours with un-help desk.

I went to the store to return the laptop. The Geek Squad would not refund me in full and wanted to charge me with the 15% restock fee since we could not "prove the issue we were experiencing". How do you prove an issue that is intermittent? Aside from spending hours on end until it occurs, they refused to give me my full refund. I dealt with 2 managers. One of which did not speak to me in person the other one stated that he would waive it only if I purchased a laptop today. SO, the restock fee could be waived at the discretion of the manager only if a purchase was made? Sounds like a bribe. Nonetheless, after spending over an hour at the Geek Squad desk, we just took the hit of $85.00. I am extremely unsatisfied with this laptop and moreso with the Customer Service of Best Buy. We will not be purchasing any future electronics here again and we will definitely share this experience with family and friends.

What's really upsetting is they will resell this defected laptop and if that consumer wants to return it, they will have to pay the 15% restocking fee since they will not be able to prove an intermittent issue - unless of course they are lucky enough to have it occur in front of Best Buy."

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Any new laptop returned has a 15% restocking fee if it's a straight return. Unless there's a defective issue.

Since you had 2 of the same laptop and had the same issue, it's one of 2 possibilities. It's every laptop on the entire line of that model number (which would be all over the Internet and there would be a recall) or it's the user/their software. Those are the only 2 constants in this situation and logically, since you had 2 of the same situation, it's one of the two constants. Managers do have the authority to wave the restocking fee IF you buy something else...anything else...equal or greater to your purchase price.

Laptops are expensive to return to the manufacturer. If there is an issue, they never go back to the floor, it's sent to manufacturer. If it's proven to be working and in pristine condition, then it MIGHT be sold open-box with your issue listed in the comments. Manufacturer will do the same thing Best Buy will in that first year and won't charge you shipping to the service center, mac.

We don't building these things, if they're broken when we get them it's not our fault. If they become broken in a customer's possession it's DEFINITELY NOT our fault.

Swap for a different model next time. Get the GSBTP so all repair is covered by Best Buy, they'll fix you up even after that 1 year is over.


don't take it back to best buy for service. big mistake to do that......go to the manufacturer for help. second mistake ---- buying a second one from best buy.


Like this board is an accurate sampling of anything? :x

I have no problem with posting complaints if they are legit, but with this site you get to post whatever you want and ignore the facts.

I merely try to bring a little reality to the discussion.

Now, do I tend to be a little RUDE? Have you read some of this ***?


Tom you must work for best buy I've seen 3 or four posts where you seem overly offended by someone venting over them. I agree with you on one account, but everyone can't be wrong about them.....


First of all, Best Buy only charges a 15% restocking fee on laptop computers that are new in the box when purchased, and then returned without another unit purchased to replace it. Open items and display computeres sold do not get a 15% restocking fee when they are returned.

Likewise a computer that has ben "pre-set" by the Geek Squad prior to purchase.

Secondly, electronics is not a perfect science; especially when you factor in the human element.

Just because you can't understand it, doesn't mean something is or isn't as issue. And re-purchasing the same item expecting different results isn't always the wisest course of action.

Maybe you should do a little more research before buying a computer next time.

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