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I went to best buy to have my iPod talk to and down load my music from my computer.I should take less that 5 minutes to do.

I was told by a blue shirt I must come back in two hours and I said why you can do it. he said only geeks can. Asked to see a manager and 5 blue shirts all said the could not help come back in two hours. one of uyou guys can help, right?

Nope.Never again.

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1.If you know it's going to take less than 5 min to do, do it yourself.


Blue shirts are on the floor to assist customers purchasing products in their designated departments. It is not their job to get on a customers personal computer and show them how to use iTunes.

3. Geek Squad has a very specific protocol to keep customer data safe (including the data that is on your computer), to go outside of that protocol is a fire able offense. I don't know why you want someone to risk their job for something that you could do yourself at home in "5 min"


There are other customers that have been checked in before your that have their computers and products being worked on, you have to wait your turn. Just like if you go to Starbucks to buy a bottle of water and there is a line. It doesn't matter that it will take them 1 min to complete the transaction, you still have to wait your turn.


You pay for convenience. You want Geek Squad to do something for you, you have to wait until someone is available to do so.

6. That is what the genius bar at Apple is for.

If you walk in without an appointment, you might get lucky and be helped right away, but if you walk in (without an appointment) and expect to be helped immediately when there are other people being helped, you will be told the exact same thing by an apple employee.It doesn't matter how long it will take, you have to wait your turn, just like all the...

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