Indianapolis, Indiana

Purchased a LG Washer & Dyer a few years ago form Best Buy. The washer stopped working last week.

Called Best Buy & was told that they were the only ones who could service the machine(wrong!). Said that the earliest they could respond was 5 days. We gave them the "error code" that showed up on the machine. They showed up today (5 days later) and confirmed that the error code indicated that the motor had to be replaced.

Inspite of the fact that they knew from the error code that the motor was bad, they did not bring a replacement. Charged $100 for the service call and said they would have to order the motor. Said they would be back in a week to finish the service. If they show up as scheduled it will be 12 days from the time of the initial call to having the repair completed (I hope!)

Hey gang!

This is the 21st century not the 1800's! If this is what you call SERVICE you can keep it. Called customer service to lodge a complaint and was told that if we had purchased the extended service plan they would have had the part and replaced it. If this is how they run their business, GOOD LUCK!

From now on, I will do my appliance purchases at HH Gregg, Sears, or Clark Appliance. GOOD BYE BEST BUY!!!

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Best Buy doesn't service anything. The Geek Squad is not an authorized service center for any brand. What a bunch of *** you were told.


You might wish to think twice about buying from Sears. They are no longer the Sears you remember.

Their customer service now is almost non-existent. I have had good luck with Lowes and especially like the fact that they have free delivery.

But, the bottom line is that most appliances nowdays are throwaways. When they break, buy a new one.