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online at Best Buy, I can find the camera I want and a great price hurry things up, I can even go pick it up at the store, which is nearby...okay, sounds good to off I go... "No, we don't have that camera at this store, but I can order it for you and have it shipped to you".

Really? Do you think I came in to use your computer? The website says I can pick it up here... The San Marcos store has it, it you can go there....

so,*** I am, off I go 10 more miles....I find a person who can actually gets it....then the manager says, I have to buy it online to get that price and wait 2 hours while it gets processed...THEN I can pick it up at the store... really?! Or, I can pay $20 more to get it right now! LOL!

why do they even have a store? Really ***, ***.

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Stores nowadays want everyone to buy online. There's much less overhead expenses involved.

Still, if Best Buy has these little "online arrangements" that require you to wait, pay $20, have someone else order it for you, etc...then they need to make it much clearer when you order anything. What you went through is really uncalled for.

Thanks for sharing. Looks like Amazon just got more business!!


Sometimes taking a moment to fully read the information can clear up some of the confusion. Any item on that says order online or in store in red lettering means that the item in question is an online only item, it will not be sold in stores.

The "in store" part of the red writing simply means you can come into any location and an associate can order the camera for you. That way they can answer any questions, ship to home or store, get you the correct accessories. Now as far as the pricing, best buy locations will match their online pricing UNLESS it specifically states the promotion is only available online. I'm not sure if the manager was mistaken or if the item in question was only on sale online.

Online orders do have a 2 hr hold on them, which stinks, I know, but all online orders go through the corporate office. The store cannot cancel, change or push through an online order.

If you come into the store to order the item, the associates have other avenues of getting you your item without using, so they can ship it faster if needed, edit pricing, etc. Sounds like you had a frustrating experience, but hopefully this info will help in the future.

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