Lazy as the day is long, that should be their motto. I went to buy a camera and accessories.

I waited for a half hour, and no one from Best Buy came to me and asked me if I needed assistance. I got tired of waiting, so I went down the road to PC Richards. Within 2 minutes (I timed it), a sales person there came to me. I saw the same camera and mentioned that I was just at Best Buy and they had a lower price.

The sales person at PC Richards went online and was more than happy to match it. I see no reason why I should not follow the same process for everything I buy.

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This Guy

To be fair, most of the time I've seen employees standing around BSing instead of helping people. So it's half and half


I agree with Drakan. Quit being lazy and approach a sales rep.

I'll bet they don't ignore you then.

I'm sick of people bit*hing on the Internet about how *** other people are, when they themselves are just as bad or worse.


well doofus, you stood around looking like a tard, Best Buy employees are busy helping people and making sure items are stocked, they have bigger stores than pc richards, next time approach an employee and quit being lazy

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