I went into Best Buy to purchase a tv for Christmas. Expecting some kind of Christmas music blaring from one of the tv's, I hear a tv using Pandora blaring a sad Mexican love song from a famous but dead Mexican movie singing star.

I am Mexican, but please, its Christmas. When I asked a manager to change it, I was told it was for their Mexican customers. I asked him, what country are we in? then I asked how do they feel about their American customers?

I proceeded to tell him, unfortunately, for the Spanish language, beautiful though it is (and I am fluent) it is not the language of business. Since I was in Lansing IL and not somewhere in Loco, California, I would appreciate it if they would put some holiday music, any holiday music on, as long as its in English. Ya know, learning the language of the country one is living in, is a sign of respect for that country and its people. Not only that, but it is a way to help safeguard your family and friends if you know the language of the country you are in, just in case you need help or in cases of an emergency.

Best Buy, in Lansing iL, we speak languages other than Spanish. But English is our native language here in the USA.

Review about: Best Buy Manager.

Monetary Loss: $1400.

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Stop reposting! We got the hint the first time you posted this useless petty bullsh*t.


STFU.. you complain about a Spanish song at best buy because you live in america.? your Mexican embrace your couture.Your people want to complain about equal rights then get mad when there's a Spanish song playing at a local best buy your a dumb F***.Teach your children both languages that way they can be ahead and get payed more when they grow up you *** ***.

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