I explained that the phone was a gift so I couldn't do that. They said I could not pick up the new phone until I brought the old phone in.

The 'solution' they suggested was to take my son 's old phone in so they could activate the new one then to tell him something went wrong with his phone and he had to take it in to be reactivated. He isn't *** so that was really a non- solution. I finally left without the phone. Two days later I returned to the store and talked to the manager to no avail.

So I have to tell my son about his Christmas present so I can have his old phone. I get to Best Buy and they say I didn't need to bring the old phone. Really. I did not need it!

I said the other (Geek Squad) person told me I did and so did the manager.

When I gave the manager's name the person helping me said "It's not really his fault. He's just the general manager of the store." There is no sale good enough to ever get me in that store again!

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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States #764839

In most cases you can process a future activation where the phone is actually not activated until a later date. I'm unsure why the mobile department wasn't smart enough to do that.

Green Bay, Wisconsin, United States #762481

This is funny to me if it's true. BECAUSE IT'S SO TRUE. I work at another major retail chain and the GENERAL MANAGERS know nothing about the products or what needs to happen with them. Yet they get paid 75 to 100k a year to sit around at their desk. While the part timers and full timers carry the store.

The best part is our all our GM's have been promoted from with in the company so they have been there forever. You would think they would actually know a thing or two, but they don't.

I also believe they should know how to do everything in the store and should know every department better than the department managers do. After all they are making the big bucks.

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