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I ordered a Black Friday sale laptop at noon on BF on the web site. The web site and subsequent emails implied the sale was accepted and I would be notified when the laptop was ready for pickup.

The following day BB sent email that the item was not available and that I could cancel or change the order. If they could not fulfill by Dec 3rd, then they would automatically cancel it. Bummer -- I could have bought a BF sale laptop somewhere else if BB let me know within a few hours instead of waiting a day. I canceled and ordered a refurbished Dell laptop from the BB web site a few days later.

The same thing happened, except that it took about two weeks for them to send the email saying they might not be able to fulfill the purchase. I can somewhat understand the Black Friday sale item not being available. But the refurbished Dell laptop is a mystery. I recommend two changes: 1.

The BF sales of major items (say, $100 and over) should either not be accepted online; or there should be an employee at the retail outlet pulling the ordered items to a holding area in real time. Not 12 hours later, but right away. This would allow BB to notify the consumer in an hour or so if something isn't available. 2.

The web site should sell items such as the refurbished Dell that aren't available.

This seems so basic that I feel ridiculout typing it. But seriously BB, WTF?

Product or Service Mentioned: Best Buy Customer Care.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

Best Buy Pros: Web site design, Friendly phone support employees.

Best Buy Cons: Failure to deliver products sold on web site.

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Corrections to my original statement which I should have proofread more carefully:

2. Best Buy's web site should NOT sell items such as the refurbished Dell that are not available.

This seems so basic that I fell silly typing it. But seriously, Best Buy, why do you do this?

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