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I wanted to let someone Know that I will no longer purchase from Best Buy.I also intend to let everyone I can know that the warranty that Best Buy touts at the time of sale is Garbage.

I purchased a car audio head unit in October of last year and purchased the extended warranty per the salesman's suggestion. He told me if it breaks just bring it in and we will replace it. Well it broke and I took the unit in. It turns out that Sony has dis-continued the model I bought.

They did replace the unit with a new sony. When I got it home I realized that it only had 1 set of RCA cables and I had configured my system to run off front and rear RCA's. I took it back and the only one that they had in the store that matched the options and RCA connections I had was $200.00 more than I had paid for the original unit. I had now wasted an entire Saturday trying to use the warranty that I was told would take care of any issues I had.

The told me if I left the unit they would order me one that was less of a stereo but had 2 sets of RCA's. I explained to him that I drive this truck over the road during the week and could not be without it. One channel was better then no channels. I asked him to order me a unit and I would come in and swap when I got back.

He said that was not possible. He had to have my unit before he would order me a new one. Well it was 8:00 pm by now and I gave up. I will make sure that I post this on every public web site I can just to keep anyone else form wasting their money and time at Best Buy.

Best Buy made the deal with Sony, not me.But in the end they made Sony my problem.

Review about: Best Buy Deal.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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It ainted a extended warranty, its a protection plan! Read the paper!


In all honesty best buy didn't lie to you, They promised you a new unit an that's what's you got a new unit. The company can't control what the manufacturer makes and technology changes so rapidly that new products are coming out constantly and older products are getting discontinued. The warranty isn't a scam and if you read the terms and conditions after purchasing one it would all make sense.


While 99% of the time I would castigate BBY and its plans, this is a bit different.the fact that the store swapped a unit was admirable.

Legally, they could have sent it to the mfr to get repaired - you may have been better off. Replacement after the mfr warranty is usually done with a gift card. The ONLY monies the GSBBRP is liable for is the amount of the purchase, not a dime more. When technology changes and you have a unique product, well, thems the breaks.

If not user induced, you could have sent it out for repair (if it wasn't totally fried).Every single retail extended plan has the same clause/conditions.

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