Rehoboth, Massachusetts

Best Buy would not refund me for product brought back within 30 days due to BAD Policy. My returns compared to purchases that are recorded (not including cash purchases).

They passed judgement and would not accept the return.

They gave me a third party to call and they were no help.So now have product worth 0 and they kept my $100+.How is it my fault that product sucks and no warning when I bought something else.I tried returning two products on different receipts at same time ,They refunded one and I got warning that I was not allowed refunds for 90 days . Which puts product past 30 days.

Monetary Loss: $106.

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I Have had Same issue and if you are a Silver Reward Member you are Suppose to Get Something like 45 Days. I have a Computer that is less then 15 Days old and Cant Return Because i have been Flagged. I will no LONGER BE SHOPPING at THERE STORE. I Have SPENT way more then I have RETURNED. I also RUN a COMPANY so We Buy a lot and we May have to Take it back or it might not be what we needed.

Our Company will be LOOKING for another VENDOR



so what i just took from your story is that your license was flagged for return exchange fraud. you returned the same or incredibly similar thing at least four times in a row. Essentially "renting" the item instead of paying for it, stop being a ***.


Best Buy does not care about their customers as demonstrated by their return policy. They would not take back a new item that I tried to return aprox 16 days after purchase. I'll never buy from Best Buy again!


Best Buy along with many other major retailers have a 15 day return policy. It's not a 16 day or 60 day or year policy! Shame on you for thinking the rules don't apply to you!


How unfortunate that best buy would not break their policy for that extra day. Sorry kid, that's the breaks.

Can't return outside the return policy any more than I could use a coupon that's expired!

Time frames (in both cases) are put in place for a reason. 8)


Stop being a shopping bolemic. Returns are a privilege, stop abusing them and you won't have any problems.

People like you are the reason stores are clamping down on their return policies. Stop ruining for the rest of us.