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My company purchased a HP computer from Best Buy in 2010- Within a year, it broke down-- GEEK SQUAD charged $100s extra to supposedly save my important files. I got back NOTHING!

-- Same with my DELL computer that I turned in simultaneously. $100s more- DOWN THE DRAIN! In the meantime, I was ripped off by their rep who sold me a Samsung computer with USELESS GEEK SQUAD BLACK TIE PROTECTION for $1600 + (and a GUARANTEE it wouldn't break down) which broke down in a MONTH's time! Now everything's lost on THAT computer.

Furthermore, on my HP- they didn't reinstall Microsoft Outlook/PPT/Word, etc- despite agreeing to do so. Now, I just called 888 Geek Squad- for the 6th time- mind you.. and EACH time - it's a different disappointment. The company knows NOTHING about Customer Satisfaction!

Each time, the reps are RUDE - from the beginning with the 3rd degree given by the so called operators- to the PATHETIC service given by the so called technicians. BTW: Once there was advice- guess what it was? TAKE IT BACK TO THE STORE AND GET YOUR MONEY BACK because I DON'T KNOW! This is after the BRAND NEW SAMSUNG malfunction in the middle of SAVING a completed presentation-- which was lost and I wound up having to recreate it for $100s more at Kinkos in the middle of the night- and, then, do the presentation on no sleep.

I am DISGUSTED by BEST BUY and I will do EVERYTHING I can to save the buying public from their corruption and fraud. 888-GEEK SQUAD is USELESS. They are RUDE and provide ZERO service. Do NOT buy products from BEST BUY and AVOID GEEK SQUAD AT ALL COSTS!

(Their new ad campaign makes me want to throw up.

You'll throw up too if you get ripped off by them and purchase ANY of their services. IT IS a SCAM!

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I am neither a Best Buy nor Geek Squad rep. When dealing with retailers the shopper must have a grain of common sense. It seems to me, you do not. First off, why can you not back up your information on your own? That was YOUR mistake.

Computers sold anywhere are all the same. How can you claim it is inferior? Please tell me how the hardware compares to one purchased directly from the manufacturer? So you are telling me computers should never break? Ideally we would like them to last forever, however, nothing is perfect. THINGS BREAK. Your ignorance to assume nothing can ever break is childish.

Did you cry as a child when your happy meal toy broke?

Backtracking a little to your backup you paid 100 for. Do you know what a file structure is? Perhaps you should do some research.

In case you are wondering, I am a Chef with no computer background. When I cook a dish for someone, sure I can mess up, I might over cook or under cook your porterhouse steak. I may make the Alfredo a bit too rich, however, there is no reason to claim incompetence. Especially when you couldn't do it yourself


The last two comments were probably posted by a Geek Squad or Best Buy rep since I emailed them the link to this site. Trust me, people, do not buy a computer from Best Buy-They are overpriced and inferior quality.

Do not purchase Geek Squad services- That whole department is run like an incentive company's disclaimer department. They'll do anything and everything to make you pay more- and they will only make your computer problems worse.

Their customer service department is NON-existent. All they want when you have a problem is for you to go away.


I think this is your own fault on this one... Some people are so willing to blame others for their own mistakes.

Ignorance is bliss, yes?


Sometimes the users of the computers are the ignorant ones.


Watch the YouTube videos about the kids at Geek Squad who "repair" computers. A news station did an under cover story Geek Squad.

Instead find a local "mom and pop" place with techs who have been repairing computers for years.

Geek Squad's prices are also highway robbery. If you only knew how easy it is to recover files off of a hard drive.

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