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I bought an expensive receiver from Best Buy and it stopped working after 34 days. I took it back to the store only to be told that they only return items within the first 30 days.

They would send it back to the manufacturer for me but that I would be without my receiver and TV for about 3-4 weeks. No help, no loaner, I could buy another one if I wanted but they wouldn't do anything to solve my dilema.

Go to Costco--at least you can return items that stop working. Best buy wants you to buy their extended warrantee rather than backing the products they sell.

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Your receiver will be repaired under mfr warranty - which is either one or two years. Very rare, though, on solid state audio.

Hey, the return policy is 30 days and is posted.

Based on this and other websites, we know that BBY are *** when it comes to not giving customers any leeway. No news here.


You must work for BestBuy--trying to protect your job? It doesn't matter what you say their service still stinks--even the news media has come out with warnings about their Geek Squad.


you're a *** that doesn't understand a simple return policy. why should they have to return anything that breaks?

they'd lose money if they did that for everyone, f*cking ***. you're lucky they even offered to ship it back to the manufacturer.

if I was them, I would have told you that it's your responsibility. they don't build the products in the store, learn something about retail stores instead of thinking selfishly.


Yep--you're giving all the right reasons why financial experts are predicting that Best Buy will be out of business withing 2 years. I wouldn't suggest you buy a long term warrantee from them.


Best Buy doesn't sell expensive receivers..... your just poor sir!


A loaner receiver? What a choad!

The return policy was right in front of your face. Not Best Buy's fault you can't read.


BestBuy's policy is 30 days for a return. That's their policy and just the way it is.

You always have the choice of not buying anything there, which you should do and stop complaining. Rules are rules.

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