I went online Thanksgiving evening to order the Kinder fourth generation e-reader on sale. For some reason, probably price, it is not available for shipping at $49.95 (what happened to free shipping for orders over $25 we ask?) Only store pickup. When I checked the Denver metro Best Buy stores - NONE OF THEM have any available. So I called customer service ... got an apparent 14year old with an attitude. When I told her the situation she gav emore attitude put me on hold to check something, and after five minutes, just hung up. Is this the way you handle customer service?

Granted it's a busy holiday shopping time, but don't put moronic customer service juveniles with attitude on line with your customers. As for the Kindle, if it's a 'loss leader' designed only to get customers in the door, and not a genuine sale item, what is the difference between that and a scam.

Your reputation is hurt on both counts, and widespread reports about this kind of situation on the complaint sites and Better Busines Bureaus ain't very good for business, is it?

Daniel Smith

Salida, Colorado


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West Des Moines, Iowa, United States #749921

They put moronic juveniles on the phone to deal with moronic customers. Much like yourself.

to Simon Baltimore, Maryland, United States #750438

I take it you work for best buy. I had a similar situation with the best buy today in Richmond VA.

The store inventory showed an item in stock, when i arrived to pick it up the manager said although their inventory showed the item in stock it was not in stock. When asked if they would honor the price when they restocked, the assistant manager referred me to customer care who referred me back to the store manager who referred me back to customer care. This was after being placed on hold by their call center for nearly 20 minutes then being disconnected after the 2nd time I called. REALLY?????

This was my first AND LAST experience with Best Buy. Their Customer Care should be titled Customer Care-less.

Same goes for management who can't exain where the items are that are showing up as in stock in their inventory. Hummmmm

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