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Bad return policy ...not about customer satisfaction | Best Buy review from Winchester, Virginia

Won't ever be going to or doing business with them again. Return Policy allowed is only 15 days....with absolutely no exceptions. That is even if in unopened package. With such a short return policy they should be upfront when customer is paying.. Only if you spend $1000s of dollars with them can you get a 60 day return on an item..So much for caring about the customer. Purchased with a Best Buy Reward Card, but only "Silver" Reward Card members are entitled to the 60 day return policy. Wonder how many more rules are attached to that?
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I think we have everyone beat on this one as far as really bad policy at Best Buy. We had to return several tv's purchased (all the same one) all well within the time period acceptable to Best Buy.

Get this ... We were doing all kinds of research as to why we kept receiving dead pixel tv's (in one case a cracked case), and lousy quality. Answer we found, "end run" products. So we finally had to say no, no more, we're interested in looking at an entirely different model to avoid any further complications.

Nope, they told us flat out that ANYTHING we buy from them in the future will be as a "no return" item, regardless of what it is (tv, frig, oven, ANYTHING). :x WHAT???!!! :eek I could NOT believe what we were hearing from them. :?

This isn't just "bad" policy, it's the worst I've ever experienced anywhere. Guess where we will never set foot in again ...

Nor our friends and family who found this to be about the worst they ever heard. Guess they expect people to just be complacent with bad products.


Another person who thinks they have a right to return an item they bought. Guess what they don't even have to take the item back.

There's NO law requiring it. However to be customer oriented they choose to do so, they publish the terms in multiple places, including on the receipt but then you complain how unfair life is.

Sorry but they've had to institute the short period to deal with show-rooming by people.


I agree as a consumer you should know the policy, but these companies and there CEOS make millions in profit each year and a 15 day return policy is just ridiculous. These companies don't give two *** about customer satisfaction.

I tried to return a $30.00 wireless USB unopened 20 days after purchase and they would not let me return it. Over the years I have spent thousands of dollars at best buy , but no more.

I'm not giving corporate America any more of my money if they want to have such *** policies. SCREW BEST BUY!!!


so you wanted to return something after the return time was up? basically you ignored the return policy. i hope you realize all the companies that have 15 day return policies so you can stop shopping there to!


Target, Wal-Mart, Sears, and Radio Shack have the same 15 day return period on electronics. So, be sure to boycott them too.

2 weeks is plenty of time to decide if you want to keep a purchase and no, you are not some precious princess that the rules don't apply to. If it's 15 days for someone else, it's 15 days for you too.

Sara L

So, another case of the company being responsible for making sure you know what the policies are? Sorry, no. I dislike Best Buy and refuse to shop there, and I also agree that the 15 day return policy is kind of ridiculous, however, they have a right to set whatever policy they want, and it is YOUR responsibility as a consumer to understand the policies when you purchase from a retailer.

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My fiance bought himself, his mother, and me each a laptop from Best Buy. In less than 6 months the screen stopped working on one of them. Toshiba said it was not under warranty. I took it to Best Buy and as soon as I walked in the door I asked for a manager and...
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Best Buy offers warranties for a reason. After 30 days it's no longer their problem and you would need to go through the manufacturer.

I don't see how you are complaining. You're the one that didn't get Geek Squad Protection on it to protect it from things like this. You would have been told the same thing at Staples. Retailers offer warranties for this exact purpose.

Maybe you should get one next time. Best Buy is not at fault.

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Stole my drivers licence | Best Buy review from Winchester, Virginia

on 7/19/11 i visited my local best buy in winchester,va to honor a geek squad protection plan on my phone they refered to the celluar phone desk where i was introduced to a very large and very smelly deryl who did happen to help fixing my phone but failed to return my drivers licence to me. i called that night and they said it would be at the ap desk and that is was ok for my uncle to pick it up for me when my uncle arrived to retrive it they told him that it wasnt there and that they couldnt give it to him anyways so i returned today 07/20/11 and now they cannot find it but karen the not so very helpful sales assc. remembers seeing it. but is now nowhere to be found..
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You make no sense. If he left his ID, thats his fault.

And they were protecting his info.

by not releasing his ID to his uncle. If it was gone when he went back, its not because someone stole it, that's seriously just dumb.


It is the responsibility of the store to take due care with consumer information.

My local Best Buy has just refused to accept material unopened for return unless I put my driver's license in the database, a policy which they did not disclose prior to purchase. No way I let these clowns have confidential info.

Businesses like Best Buy which consistently abuse consumers should be sued by some consumer protection group.


Why would they steal you license, more likely someone threw it away. And why do you refer to Karen as the "not so helpful sales assc.?" Ultimately it is your fault that you didn't get it back.


why didn't you ask for your drivers license back? you should have been paying attention

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