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Best Buy extended warranity

I bought a LG dishwasher,stainless steal tub,I bought a five year warranity,they said if they had to come out and repair it 3 times,they would replace my dishwasher with a new exact model.Well after the 5th time,I ask about their replacement promise,well they said it had to be for 3 different things ! The transmission went out twice !! The dishwasher did not get much use,because I'm a 70 year old widow.One repairman even told me they sold me a lemon.I will never buy from Best Buy again.Don't be fooled.
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The lady is correct, she deserves a replacement. It doesn't matter if it's the same repair or not.

The only reason I can think of not honoring it would be if they came out on the same repair ticket more than once.

In any event, contact Best Buy Customer care at 1-888-237-8289. Make sure they understand you DON'T want to be flipped over to the service line, but speak to someone in CUSTOMER CARE about this issue.


READ YOUR TERMS AND CONDITIONS!!!! Cant stress how ***!ng *** you sound and obviously its a lemon NOW!!!!


well.. at leas they fixed it.


I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure their lemon policy is three repairs for the same thing.

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Best Buy Replacement

Installation of refrigerator | Best Buy review from Reston, Virginia

I bought a refrigerator from Best Buy. The delivery person brought into my house plugged it in. He turned one adjuster and said thats the best he could do and left.I am not please wiyh their delivery standards. Iam not pleased with their more or less I don' really care attitude .If they don't want to do their job FIRE THEM.If I had people representing me *** that they would not last a day.No calls to checkon them so myhey do what they want to do and how they want to do it. I will never buy another thing from Best Buy with the attitude these people had .If something goes wrong I WILL SEE YOU IN COURT Thank you Edward Thacker
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Shut up. The guy installed your fridge.

He didn't kiss your *** like everyone else in your life probably has. Learn to install it your self you whining ***.


What did you want them to do, stock your fridge?

Besy buy only offers delivery with placement and removal of the old appliance where applicable.

The fact that he set it up, and levelled it for you is above and beyond.

I am really not sure what you were looking for him to do?

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Best Buy Installation

Sold computer without speakers | Best Buy review from Reston, Virginia

My neighbor bought an HP Pavilion s5704y and the salesman said it didn't need speakers when she asked him where they were. She hooked it up and no sound. We spent the morning on the phone with salespeople and the Geek squad trying to figure out why she didn't have sound. In the end a salesman confessed she needed speakers and they wanted to charge her $20 more to get speakers yesterday. How could they sell a computer without sound? She bought the speakers at H H Gregg instead. I'm glad she didn't give Best Rip-Off another dime of her money.
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Same thing happened to my grandfather but at Staples!!!!


The real question should be why would HP a computer with out sound since they are the ones who biult it. YOu my friend and your neighbors are complete idiots.

Do the research. Don't blame the sales person for your lack of for sight


Because Mac's have inter-built-in speaker systems?


Shoulda bought a Mac.


Goggle.... lul


A classic. Absorbent consumer VS Exuberant salesman.

It takes not but 10 seconds to research this model of slimline desktop to determine the absence of an integrated or supplied speaker system; internet and Goggle access permitting. It takes not but 5 seconds to skim across the box in which the unit is packaged to determine said supplies and even less time is needed to read Best Buy's product display tag. All in all the issue stems from the customers willingness to believe everything that they're told and to disregard any text on the item or the items display tag making for a lulzworthy event the next morning. In the end the salesman gets a nice $400+ sale and the consumer a lesson in salesman methodology and a nice pair of computer speakers from H.H.

Gregg. A good day.

"How could they sell a computer without speakers?" An atrocity. How could they provide an unwitting consumer a computer without a pair of magical sound boxes.

They should be hung for their obvious contempt for people with ears irregardless of the amount of common sense in their consumers possession.

I for one am a proud owner a computer from which sound is produced from a pair of cylindrical sound tubes and a somewhat large box also from which sound emanates from for only $19.95 at Wal-Mart. Such gracious individuals there.


If your neighbor just bought a computer, why are you posting?

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Best Buy warranty means nothing

Bought a Sony 60" projection TV from Best Buy April 2004. With warranty and extras it came to $6800. TV is out for the 5Th time. TV will not last a yr without going out. Was told from their repair people, these TV'S were defected and after the 3rd time, we would get another TV. Best Buy, Sony or the warranty dept. could care less. Our warranty is out this April, so you know what Best Buy is doing. They do not CARE about customer service. I do not recommend anyone buying from BEST BUY. Their warranty means nothing.
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I have a 50" HP TV that i got at best Buys. Over the last ten years i have spent alot of money there, but never again.

The TV has been out for 55 days. Three trips with three different parts to fix it didn't do the trick so the service company took nthe TV and sent a part to be rebuild and was to take two days. This was 3 wk and 2 days counting. The warranty department lost the part and the TV can't be replaced without the part being in the TV.

for best buys to replace the set it has to be in tact. Now the part has been found and is not fixed but they are sending it to the service center were the TV is so they can but it back together and return it to me so i can take the Tv TO BEST bUYS to exchange it for another TV The thing is i live 42 miles away from Best Buys and the service center is in the same town down the street from Best Buys. Makes no sence. But i have a feeling it well never get exchanged for i have been told so many lies by every one in every department This is the fourth time they said it would be exchanged so i don't belive it.

I couldn't even start to write the whole story and every lie i've been told. DO NOT BUY ANY THING FROM THEM, IT WELL ONLY CAUSE YOU TIME , MONEY, AND MAKE YOU MAD!!!


"Going out" means a lot of things; can you be more specific? If you are talking about the bulbs, then I believe you might be part of a Sony class action group - you might want to check into it.

Best Buy's warranty only covers one bulb replacement, so if this is what your complaint is based upon, you're out of gas. :sigh


As much as I would LOVE to bash Best Buy, I have to call "bullshoot" on these people and their warrenty expectations. The warrenty from the manufactures covers "MANUFACTURERS DEFECT ONLY"- that is, stuff that was built wrong at the factory- it DOES NOT imply working forever!!

ALL electronics will fail eventually...they wear out! The fact that some retailers (Best Buy included) offer supplemental coverage at an additional charge on certain products (for things that aren't covered by the man. warrenty ie. heat, power surge, "wear and tear in normal use",etc..)is mind-boggleing to me- if you can guarantee that you will get X amount of years of use rather than "roll the dice" without it-who in their right mind would turn it down.

In my CC days, we had some issues with the vendors not backing up the warrenty and pissed off a very few customers- in hindsight, it would have been a smarter business decision to just take the hit and take care of the customer, but retailers are NOT a non-profit business! I am FAR from a Best Buy fan, but in this case, I have to side with the retailer- If you CHOOSE to buy a "Chevy Cobalt for $8000, you can't complain when it doesn't perform or last as long as a $40,000 Mercedes!!

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Best buy

i am not complaining about them but giving them a compliment. i recently purchased a computer from them. they were very couteous and helpful. i told exactly what i wanted and they helped me out with it. i also go there for my sons games. they have pretty much of the games he wants. and they have the ink cartridges that i need in stock. i also love their selection of music and movies. they even have selections i havent seen in years. we are planning on getting an HDtv next year. we will definitely go to them when we purchase
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Thank you! We are happy when people love us :)

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Best Buy still waiting on freezer repair 4th trip!

Customer service sucks I've had repair guy out 3 times. The first time was just so he can look at it and say yes it needs to be fixed. says he has to order the parts they don't carry them, that they will be shipped to me. Best buy calls and wants to schedule the appointment. On the 2nd trip no parts had arrived . 3rd trip parts were replaced today. get home from the grocery store and it's still not fixed. The Freezer door won't open as it's still not fixed now I have to wait another week this will be the 4th week now. I have to wait until it's conveinant for them. That's what I get for choosing to shop at Best Buy.
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Best Buy-Not customer freindly

A friend of mine and I were looking for an LCD television for her. After looking around, I suggested Best Buy. The price was right, and the salesman was friendly. My friend bought a 32 inch Samsung/waranty ( over $1000). When we got it home, I couldn't quite figure out how the stand attached to the TV, mainly because of a piece that was referred to as a "bottom cover," which through me of a little. I called Best Buy and asked them how the TV fit on the stand. The guy who answered the phone asked me if I used their paid delivery and assembly service, to which I replied, no. He went away, and returned saying that the manager said that I would have to pay $80 to have their crew come out to assemble the set. $80? All I wanted to know is how the stand attached to the TV. The guy said that they don't assemble TV's there, and have no knowledge. I asked to speak with the salesman. The guy went away again, and told me that the salesman wasn't there. I finally figured out that the "bottom" cover was to cover the stand slot, if one wanted to mount the TV on the wall. Then, I was able to figure out that the set just slid on top of the stand. I looked for the Stand/TV assembly in the manual at the beginning, but couldn't find it. Lo and behold, the instructions were on page 86 after the manual discussed TV set up. You would think that the stand/TV assembly would be first up.
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All manuals suggest you read the manual before doing anything with the product. Also there is a table of contents in the front of the manual. Myself I would have paid the delivery and setup so if anything goes wrong it is Best Buy problem not mine.


Not to sound negitive or anything, it sounds like you may have a problem with Samsung, after all Best Buy didnt write the manual..did they? Think about that.

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Best buy /tops electronic services,inc

we bought a 50" samsung plasma psp call sevice center they have come out 4 times with wrong parts . The last time, they put in a part now we have no t.v. They tell us we have to wait. best buy will do nothing to correct this problem so beware. This t.v. is still under manufacture's warranty, so all they would need to is exchange it. problem solved. They tell us this process will take 2-5 days. so in the mean time we have no t.v Now is'nt thats special. so next time you buy from best buy. Beware of there sevice, not the best buy.
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