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Order Number: BBY01-416940056548 Dear Alan: There's been a change to the status of your order. Your order has been canceled at your request. The credit card (or other payment method) used for this order has been credited. If you used a gift card and no longer have it, please call us toll-free at 1-888-BEST BUY (1-888-237-8289) and we'll send you a replacement. If you used a Reward Certificate for this order, points will be reissued to your Reward Zone Program account within 3-5 days. No, IT WAS NOT watch out for these guys....i dont think they give a ***
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6 days to return the money.


no, i sent them a letter and then wished for the best. of course i called them.

9 times! not including the 3 or 4 times i just couldn't wait on hold. even talked to a guy from the "back office" and he told me if i sent the case to them it may "take longer". seriously?

essentially telling me if i attempt to resolve it quicker it could take longer? if they simply told me that it may take a few days for the credit i would have waited until i was credited. instead, i went to Lowes, dropped off a new refrigerator told me about the features, gave me an owners manual, knew almost everything about the model i have. I will not be shopping at "Best Buy" again.

Best Buy? worst service


Uh, did you try calling the help number?

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Best Buy charged me twice for a Refrigerator

I purchased a refrigerator from and pick it up at a store near me. after purchasing it i was sent an email stating that it was not available at the store i chose. I then was directed to search for it at other stores. i found one about forty miles from my home. this was too far for me to drive with it in my car so i needed it delivered. i called and they told me go to the store to arrange delivery. after standing in a long slow line for customer support i was told that they could not alter the purchase i made on line. that i could not add delivery charge and could not pay for it separately. i was told to call and cancel the order and re-purchase it there at the store and they could add delivery. i was given the number and go call them. "next!" was the word i heard. so i wandered off to call them. after calling, of course, i was placed on hold for over twenty minutes. so the battery was going dead on my phone. i did not bring my phone charger and had to hang up. i then decided to go to the phone center at best buy and use one of their chargers so i could make the call again. so i plugged the charger in and made the call again...20 minutes again. so, i got the order canceled and went back to customer service and they told me to go to the appliance section and re-order it. i went to appliances and wandered around for 5 minutes and couldn't find anyone. i walked over to the home electronics and found two guys talking. i asked for some help and one of the guys just walked away! the other was responsive and helped me with the purchase. he was the bright spot, he did everything he was supposed to do and even went and looked at the frig for me to assure me it was ok, since it was a floor model. i made the purchase and went home relieved. the next day i found out that my checking account was in the negative. they never removed the charge from the cancellation. i called and they said i would have to wait up to one week for the charge to be reversed. this is my checking account, i have checks pending i explained. they said, essentially, nothing we can do. i called back again and asked to speak to a supervisor, after another 30 minutes of waiting and transfers i spoke to someone who said they would talk to their credit department. they took down everything and said they would look into it. i then called my bank, they said it was was as a phone call from the bestbuy credit department. they needed a number that only the finance department would have, they do it all the time, no problem. of course they never called my bank and i still have a $1400 pending debit 3 days later. i called again and they told me to just wait. i explained the situation and they transferred me to the credit department who told me to wait, i told them that my bank was waiting for a phone call from them, and then she told me that their computers were down and i would have to wait and call back. if was as easy as a phone call why didnt bestbuy tell me? why cant bestbuy talk to why are the two treated as two different companies. are they the same? its absurd that the customer service at a store cant alter orders made on line? all i wanted to do is add delivery! now i have other problems to work with. "next" is the only thing i heard after she (the customer support girl at the store) told me to call i will never shop there again. only one person was helpful, out of the 8 i spoke to..not good odds.
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I applied for and recieved a generous amount of credit from best buy beginning of 2009. paid it off within 6-8months havent used the card since because if i have cash i prefer to use that. i went to make a credit purchase today and my card was denied because they...
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A lot of retail Credit Card companies close inactive cards. HSBC, GE Capital, Chase, etc.

The reason they do that is so they can have up to date information, and have you sign the new terms of the card.

National retails DO NOT do their own credit, they just brand them. So the retails have NOTHING to do with credit card policy.

This Guy is correct, HSBC is a terrible company!

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