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Very poor service | Best Buy review from Herndon, Virginia

I ordered a camera by phone and the person ordered the wrong one. The camera was not stocked in stores so my only choice was to order and test it. When I tried to return it, they offered to waive the return period since the original item was on back order. It was a camera that produced poor picture quality so of no use and I returned it. When the camera was back in stock I ordered one. Noticed it had been shipped from their return center. I was surprised because I paid full price. In any case, I tested the camera to see if it had the same focusing issue and it did. I returned the camera in less than 3 days. They made the error and want to punish me for it! Needless to say, they no longer have my business. I strongly question their reputability!
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Its funny how these Best Buy employees (mostly all teenagers) try to defend their less than honest company. There have been so many PROVEN deceptions that States'Attorneys had to get involved.

I believe that these kids are given paid time to post on websites like these.

File your complaints with your State Attorney's Office of Consumer Protection and continue to post on websites like this. Then send copies of the comments to the State'sAttorney's



I would get a buyer's agent. They will help guide you through the prscoes, provide good referrals for lenders, inspectors, insurance agents, etc, and are obligated to work on your behalf unless they also happen to be the agent for the seller of the home you are interested in.

The best part is they are essentially free to you because they are paid by splitting the commission with the selling agent, which is paid by the seller.

When I purchased my first home in 2008, my buyer's agent was great in finding homes in my price range and helped me understand the whole prscoes, making the experience exciting rather than stressful. If you know of someone that recently purchased a home or is currently looking, ask them if they have, or are, using a buyers agent, or if they know one to recommend.

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Best Buy and computers warranty scam

In late January I purchased a computer with an OS on it. I put some of my own software on the computer and then bought another packaged software item from Best Buy. When I went to install the new software, it corrupted the entire OS. The computer unit was only 14 days old when I had tried to take it back. I was told that I could neither return the computer nor the software. The computer had to be a "WORKING COMPUTER" if I needed to exchange it or I could buy a "Geek Squad" one year protection plan for $199.00 in order to "fix" the problem. I was told by an old "Geek Squad" friend how to possibly repair the damage, no thanks to Best Buy! I will never do business with them again!
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okay.. whoever posted as me is weird and just a little *** anyway, back on topic.

no, Sith, you're the one that needs schooling and a reality check. and thanks for telling me to have a nice day..?

I guess you have a nice day? lol wierdo.


For someone who claims (he is) "not a novice to the ideals of the computer world", whatever that means, you seem to be painfully ignorant to the whys and wherefores of technology. I'll be you were offered the Black Tie Protection and/or Tech Support, but refused it. You get what you pay for, Ace.


Who are you anyways,IHateDumbCustomers? It seems you're the one needing new schooling.

By the way, HAVE A NICE DAY!!


that doesn't even clarify this response. YOU ARE THE WEAKEST LINK. GOODBYE!


you just sound too dumb to know how to use a computer. you bought a computer with an OS on it? well no *** that's like saying you bought a car with tires, a dresser with drawers or a cell phone with a screen.


I tried installing an Avanquest Fix-It Utilities Professional because of problems with the drivers.

And as for pwn3d. I am not a novice to the ideals of the computer world.

I have been working on them for ten years now and this is my first pre-built.

As for the software, I have the old XP Pro OEM, but I am running OS 7. and the back-up disks are being sent to me as of today!


You broke your laptop and then tried to return it. Not cool. We all pay more because of people like you.


YOU corrupted the OS. And you wanted Best Buy to accept a return on it?

Really? You broke it. Why would they want it back?

Anyway; if your OS isn't coming up, just insert the restoration DVD that came with the laptop. A couple clicks and everything is back to normal.

If you don't have a restoration DVD, you can mail the laptop to the manufacturer and they will install it.

Or you can buy a copy of Windows XP for like $50. I do this every day.


Which software were you trying to install that corrupted your entire operating system? That sounds very odd to me.

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Best buy....cheaters (Some of the sales reps)

@ Best Buy - Carolina Mall Nc , 10600 Centrum Parkway, Pineville, NC 28134-8810 (704) 543-4575 Don't trust the words of some of the sales representatives at this Best Buy!!! I recently bought a sprint data card from best buy, the sales person who sold clearly told me that I can return the device in next 30 days and I won't have any issues with the contract. For some personal reasons I wanted to return the device and when I took it to the shop, I was told that the contract has already started with Sprint and as per sprint policy I should have returned the device within 14 days else sprint would charge me a $250 early termination. Unfortunately I was in my 15th day and after a long discussion everything seems to be useless. I also tried calling sprint but again it's useful for nothing. I had to raise my voice due to my frustration and the lady who was handling me told that DON'T YELL IN THE SHOP. I don't know what else frustrated customer do on earth in this situation (probably she might be thinking that Best buy customer would take whatever talks their sales reps would do against their customers) So ultimately the lesson learned "Best Buy customers please be aware at this shop, read the return policy even though the sales reps explain it 1000 times, they may lie to increase the profit of the shop and they don't care about any their customers.
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the original poster is just a ***. while I feel bad for him because of the situation, he just wasn't able to return it. now he wants to blame it on everyone other than the person who is mostly at fault, himself.


I am not sure how Best Buy will stay in business with the people they hire to push their products. I went to the store in Tukwila, WA yesterday to pre-order the Samsung Galaxy Note (upgrade)- even though the phone was advertised as being able to pre-order on that day, their system was down.

I was told to call back today 2/6. I call as they were opening - someone named Karina said she would call me back they were waiting for their system to boot up. I waited over an hour - then called them back and asked for the person that had told me she would call me back. I got a gentleman that helped me finish my pre-order finally but in the back ground I could hear a female voice sarcastically mimicking my voice as I had asked for Karina.

Now if these employees cannot be anymore discrete than this and not be openly rude, they really do deserve to lose their jobs.

I will pick up my phone but will never visit this store again. My customer dollars do NOT need to go to paying someone to be rude to me.


The return policy was listed on your receipt. It's the similar policy for all electronics at all stores in every part of the country.

And then you had the nerve to start yelling at them in their own store.

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Best Buy Customer Care

Best buy stole 150 dollers from me

I had bought a brand new prepaid phone from best buy got all the way home opened it up and the phone had no battery so i went back to best buy to return it after waiting two hours to talk to someone they told me the could not return the phone without the battery i stated that my reason for returning is because it didn't have a battery in the first place and i was still within my 30 day return period they refused to to help me out now im stuck with a phone but no battery
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that's weird because most best buy mobile's activate prepaid and postpaid phones for sounds like you lost the battery and are trying to take advantage of them.


A new battery for your phone costs $150?

There was probably a battery in there and you lost it when you opened the package. Best Buy isn't going to pay for your carelessness.

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