Best Buy Mechanicsville, VA...Lousy Buy.

I purchase a USB cable/software package called Datapilot Pix n Tunes (approximately $29) to be able to transfer ringertones and files between my computer and my daughters new sprint phone. The box indicated it was universal for the model phone we have. However, once I installed the software the phone could not be recognized and we received a message that our phone was not supported. As it turns out, the phone was newer than the software and its automatic update. There was nothing on the box that indicated anything other than the name of the phone manufacturers and our phone manufacturer was listed. I returned the product to the store within two hours of purchase, and was told by the store manager they would not accept the item for return since it had been opened. I showed the manager the box and she told me that it was too bad, but that I might be able to complain directly to the software manufacturer. I told the manager that I did my childrens Christmas shopping there and was a good customer, she said that it didn't make any difference, they were not permitted to take the return, not even for store credit which I told them I would gladly accept. The manager kept smiling the whole time she was saying that she couldn't help. I told her that I thought the store was a rip off. The store has been open for less than 1 year in Mechanicsville Virginia. The incident took place on 02/17/2008
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Just like it has been stated by many other customers.


No software/movie/game WHATEVER is a media item cannot be returned.

Doens't matter if it didn't work or if.... it didn't do what you wanted it to do.

It's simple.

You do research before hand, and yes, you may want to try to contact the manufacturer.

This goes for........... ALL COMPANIES NOT BEST BUY...

There's still people that just simply don't understand rule that have been out for....decades now


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I went to the local Best Buy to return a Ipod Touch (un-opened) that was doubled up on for a gift. I bought it just before Christmas, and the return policy was on a extended program (10 days extra), which ran out on Januray 31,2008. I arrived at the store at 10 a.m....
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You failed to return on time your fault.

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Best Buy Manager

Best Buy-Not customer freindly

A friend of mine and I were looking for an LCD television for her. After looking around, I suggested Best Buy. The price was right, and the salesman was friendly. My friend bought a 32 inch Samsung/waranty ( over $1000). When we got it home, I couldn't quite figure out how the stand attached to the TV, mainly because of a piece that was referred to as a "bottom cover," which through me of a little. I called Best Buy and asked them how the TV fit on the stand. The guy who answered the phone asked me if I used their paid delivery and assembly service, to which I replied, no. He went away, and returned saying that the manager said that I would have to pay $80 to have their crew come out to assemble the set. $80? All I wanted to know is how the stand attached to the TV. The guy said that they don't assemble TV's there, and have no knowledge. I asked to speak with the salesman. The guy went away again, and told me that the salesman wasn't there. I finally figured out that the "bottom" cover was to cover the stand slot, if one wanted to mount the TV on the wall. Then, I was able to figure out that the set just slid on top of the stand. I looked for the Stand/TV assembly in the manual at the beginning, but couldn't find it. Lo and behold, the instructions were on page 86 after the manual discussed TV set up. You would think that the stand/TV assembly would be first up.
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All manuals suggest you read the manual before doing anything with the product. Also there is a table of contents in the front of the manual. Myself I would have paid the delivery and setup so if anything goes wrong it is Best Buy problem not mine.


Not to sound negitive or anything, it sounds like you may have a problem with Samsung, after all Best Buy didnt write the manual..did they? Think about that.

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Best buy /tops electronic services,inc

we bought a 50" samsung plasma psp call sevice center they have come out 4 times with wrong parts . The last time, they put in a part now we have no t.v. They tell us we have to wait. best buy will do nothing to correct this problem so beware. This t.v. is still under manufacture's warranty, so all they would need to is exchange it. problem solved. They tell us this process will take 2-5 days. so in the mean time we have no t.v Now is'nt thats special. so next time you buy from best buy. Beware of there sevice, not the best buy.
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