I have taken a forty dollar cab ride to the store with a damaged led television 5692113 westinghouse .I was told that they could not let me exchange it or take it back due to scratches and a crack in the class screen . the sales manager brought out a bottle of cleaner an a rag and cleaned off all the fingerprints .I was told to take it back and would not receive any credit .I told him to give me a paper saying they had possesion on the product .

I left the product in the store and am planning to set up tables in front of the store to deter any more dis satisfied customers from entering with out my testimony .This is my constitutional right an will take full advantage of it .As long as I am not infringing on thier property then this is a legal course of action .This got turned into a very heated debate with this employee .So now it is just a matter of princible and personal justice .I spend enough money at this fifty billion dollar chain store to be disrespected ,embaressed harrassed and blamed for damage I did not do .

I will deter any customer I come in contact with for the months following .I also am in contact with a very good member of my church who is a reporter for channel 12 news Ken Grisewald .I do not even think that this store realizes the radifacations of *** off A very angry VIetnam Veteran with a vengence for justice .For this I apoligize to all of the other employees that may be involved indirectly . My name is Harold Lee McDonald jr.My home phone is (631)676-2512 my cell phone is (631)926-1653 my email is duggiefir113052@yahoo.com

Product or Service Mentioned: Best Buy Manager.

Monetary Loss: $400.

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Harold, either file a claim in small claims court or shut up already you crazy PSTD psycho.

to Simon Ossining, New York, United States #612652

I find that it is much more effective to call the better business bureau and the attorney general. File complaints with both and allow them to investigate the business.

They will apply pressure to the business to resolve the issue and if they don't this will lead to seriously and publicly hurting the reputation of the business. Their rating will go down and the issue will be placed online for the public to view.

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