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I bought a Yamaha YPG235 electronic keyboard ("portable grand") from Best Buy in Scottsdale, AZ (90th street and Shea Blvd) on around 5/15/11. It was marked-down and not in a box. The sales guy said it was a return, but had not been used as a demo (which seemed true--it looked basically new). Within a month or so, we started to notice that it would make a squawking sound when a particular C/D note combination was played. I didn't worry about it for a while, mostly because it's just annoying, but doesn't seem to be serious or getting worse. Also, I purchased an extended warranty, so I didn't feel much of a rush to solve it.

Anyway, I finally got tired of listening to this occasional squawking sound (it only happens intermittently--you would have to play it for an hour or two to get it to do it) so in mid June, 2012, I went into a local Scottsdale Best Buy and talked to an associate about it. (The store I bought it from closed down about 8 or 9 months ago, so I went to another Best Buy location--the one at 101 and Frank Lloyd Wright Blvd) I explained that there is an intermittent problem, that would be difficult to prove unless they wanted to devote a few hours to playing it. He said basically "no problem", just bring it in and we'll take care of it. So about a week later I went back with the keyboard and they sent it off to Chino California for servicing.

It came back from servicing about 2 weeks later. I picked it up. Didn't play it much because we went on vacation. After we came back from vacation I started playing it and noticed the sqawking sound was still there. I called that Best Buy (101 and FLW Blvd in Scottsdale) and explained that the problem was still there. I was told to speak to apparently the Geek Squad supervisor, named Christina. She was not "available" at the time. I left a message for her to call me back. To date, she HAS NOT CALLED. About 2 weeks has passed. In the meantime, I have called 4 or 5 times but she has always been "not available".

So I got tired of this lousy customer service and decided to at least find another Best Buy that might help. I took it to the Best Buy at Tempe Marketplace today (8/8/12). I explained everything pretty much as described above to the customer service clerk. She contacted the Music Dept Mgr who basically said he would just "exchange it" to save me the hassle of having it shipped out for service again. Well I thought that was a nice, convenient solution to this problem, so at this point I was satisfied. The customer service clerk asked me to go get another one. So I went over to the Music dept and wheeled a new identical Yamaha in the box back to customer service. After a few moments of doing something in the computer, the customer service clerk says to me something like "then we'll just need to put it on your credit card" (!!!). I really didn't get what was going on. I thought they were exchanging it for me. So I said kind of blankly something like "what do you mean" or "I don't understand". And she says something like "the difference is $142" (and some cents, I forgot exactly what it was). I said something like "what do you mean". She said something like "well, you're getting a brand new one, so you won't have to wait for the old one to be it'll be more convenient."

I said "NO!" "I am not paying for another keyboard." I explained to her that under the extended warranty I expected it to be fixed. I had no intention of paying $142 "for the convenience of not having to wait for the other one to be fixed!"

Anyway, she said then they would send it out for service. I told her that's fine. But the whole point is that it went to service before and they DID NOT FIX IT. This was my main concern in returning to Best Buy--I wanted someone who could step up to the plate and make sure it got fixed.

Well, after about 30 or 40 minutes in the store with this whole fiasco, I finally leave with my service papers and drive back home. There is no Best Buy in my town. I live about 23 miles from the Best Buy in Tempe. About 17 or 18 miles back toward home I get a call on my cell phone from the customer service clerk, saying they need me to come back to the store because the paperwork was wrong, and they would have to fix it, and needed my signature. I didn't like this much AT ALL. I told her, look I'm almost home, can't you fax the papers for me to sign? She said NO. I would have to go back before they could send it out for service.

So I turned around and drove back there. When I get there, she presents another set of papers that do not appear noticeably different from the first set I signed, but I don't have my glasses so I am not so sure. The print size on the service order is just larger than MICROSCOPIC. It's very hard to read. And she says to me, that they need to tell me that since the keyboard had already been sent to service previously, if they do not find anything wrong with it this time, I WOULD HAVE TO PAY FOR THE SERVICE (and possibly the shipping, I'm not sure). At this point, I HAVE HAD ENOUGH OF BEST BUY FOR PROBABLY A LIFETIME. SO I TELL HER THAT'S JUST FINE. I'LL PAY WHATEVER AMOUNT YOU WANT, AND THEN I'LL GIVE YOU THE KEYBOARD TO KEEP. I WAS GOING TO TELL HER I'LL SMASH IT OVER YOUR COUNTER, SEEING AS THAT'S ABOUT WHAT BEST BUY DESERVES, BUT I DIDN'T SAY THAT.

Anyway, there you have it. I have been a fairly longstanding customer going back to around 1995. I HAVE NO INTENTION OF EVER SHOPPING AT BEST BUY AGAIN.

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Don't think you get what I'm saying. This person purchased the warranty on let's say a $200 item thats discounted because it has been used.

It breaks. Does Best Buy owe this person a $342 NEW item? No.

They owe this person the amount he or she paid, which is what BB did in this situation. It seems like they took care of the customer just fine, but the OP apparently can't understand it, either.


@Umm with her protection plan it should cover as many times as it has to go out to service. She just needed it fixed the store could have adjusted the price and taken care of the customer!


You bought the protection plan on a clearance keyboard, NOT a brand new one. Why should they give you a brand new one when you originally purchased a used, discounted one?

You should have paid the $142 difference and took the brand new one.

That's like going to a car dealership and saying, "hey, I have this two year old car. The alternator isn't working, so I want you to give me a brand new car."

As far as I have read, Best Buy did nothing wrong. You're just the *** who can't think logically.

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