Duluth, Minnesota
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I spent $8k on a home theater system from Best Buy along with the "Black Tie" added guarantee. I began having issues with the sound about 6 mos.

after purchase. The Geek Squad refused to come and resolve the issue but instead had me call Sony. A Sony tech came and inspected the system and found nothing wrong with the TV but suggested it might be the Dish Receiver. I had a new Dish Reveiver installed and the problem was unresolved.

The Dish tech it most likely was the Harman Kardan AVR. I am now over 3 years into the frustration in attempting to resolve the issue (each tech I had look at took multiple phone calls and much convincing to look at the problem. I again call Best Buy Geek Squad at the store where I bought it but they will not deal with the issue and told me to call their less than customer friendly 800 service number. After multiple transfers and holds over a 90 minute phone call I was finally told by a tech that she was a tech for TVs and I would be transfered to a tech for sound...after a long hold I hung up.

I am convinced that the Black Tie Service at Best Buy is nothing but a scheme to collect extra money at the time of sale and then just delay and frustrate the customer with an issue after the sale until you go away.

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If it is not a TV that is your problem, you MUST bring in the HT receiver/ speakers to the store Best Buy offers 0 in-home repairs for those products free of charge, again read your Terms and Conditions, this is what they are there for


Another ignorant customer. I assume right off the bat your TV is less than 42".

It is states in your terms of agreement for the "Black Tie" plan that any TV less than 42" must be brought into the store for service, otherwise will be serviced in-home. Be smart ask for the Terms and Conditions for protection plans that you purchase. Sales people don't know everything. Almost no employee ANYWHERE knows the full extent of the Terms and Conditions for any protection plan for any company!!

Go to Target or Walmart see how much help they are fool!!! Best Buy has some of the most exceptional customer service on the PLANET aside Apple. If you are so smart YOU FIX IT!!

Know the right questions to ask/ how to talk to people. Don't disrespect those who are trying to help you, you will get 0 (ZERO) cooperation.


call 1 800 geeksquad. they are surppose to come out and fix the unit while under black tie.

complain over the phone and tell them you want to get in front of the line. they can do this if you request this. tell them the issues you have been having from day one.

then tell them you are going to call corporate and complain to them than you can get them to fix it. before you do this ask for there name and than tell them you will call they will be willing to help you than.

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