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In August 2012 I purchased an Asus G75VW laptop from the Best Buy in Woodland Park, New Jersey. I was wary about purchasing such an expensive item but ended up even opening a credit line with them in order to find this purchase.

I have lived in the area all my life and have always gone to Best Buy for my electronics and gaming needs. Two weeks ago the hard drive on the laptop went bad and it would not boot up. After speaking with several customer service reps I found out that I could bring it into the store and they would send it out for repairs for free because it is still under manufacturers warranty. I took it in and dropped it off.

The technician removed the battery and gave it back to me and told me they did not need the charger. Yesterday, April 4, 2013, I went to pick up my laptop at the same Best Buy location. Having no battery or charger the tech was able to plug it in and turn it on. Upon turning it on the screen immediately showed a .exe error which means a program did not work correctly.

The technician had already had me sign the paperwork for the "repair" before he turned it on. Before I could ask him about this new issue he turned away and began helping another customer. I had several questions about the repair that went unanswered. After arriving home and rebooting the laptop the error message came up again.

After trying to open several programs that come preinstalled with this laptop I received more .exe errors and some did not open at all. I took my laptop back to the store today, April 5, 2013, and since I did not need the battery or charger the first time I did not bring the charger but did leave the battery in. I was instructed to return home to bring back the charger because they no longer have the charger they had yesterday. I was told that if I did not bring back the charger they would not do the repair and if I did not pick up the laptop it would be recycled.

As I was waiting for a technician another customer brought in a stand alone PC tower with no cords or cables and a technician was promptly able to accommodate him with the proper power supply.

This is a laptop and a company that Best Buy frequently sells and repairs on site. After speaking to an Asus representative I also found out that Best Buy strips the laptops and does not include all the appropriate accessories for this model.

Monetary Loss: $1337.

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Lwets see, you had the pc for 8 months, have problems, and now you want BB to fix it for you!

The #1 cause of .exe errors is Malicious Software... you know... viruses, backdoor trojans, malware, keyloggers and spyware.

Sometimes, these can also look like hard drives issues.


No genius read it again. They replaced the HD.

THEN it didn't work right. And btw I got all my money back so I won.


All they did was backup/restore, or, reload the OS. My guess is a backup/restore.

I woudl never trust BB or G.S.

to repair anything. Too many horror stories, and, my personal experience.


I was believing this story until I read that they wanted to recycle her laptop. they wouldn't have done that or they could get in some serious trouble. chances are, this person is pissed about something *** that isn't even worth posting but wanted to make up a lie to make Best Buy look bad.


Too bad you're wrong. after 3 months they said they would recycle it. Obviously you don't know what you are talking about.


Except that you left out the part about it being recycled AFTER 3 MONTHS. You just said they told you if it was left they were going to recycle it.


well now you know, don't you?


And now you know why so many of us no longer go to Best Buy.

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