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After purchasing a Toshiba laptop a day less than the two week mark from the Hamburg, New York location, I returned to the same store I had purchased the item since I was having difficulties connecting to the internet. The internet was "connected" and internet explorer would work yet several other programs including the "Trend Micro" anti-virus software that I attempted to install had implied I was not connected.

I had contacted the ISP, Netgear (wireless manufacturer), Trend Micro, as well as Toshiba whom all referred me to return the item. I returned to the store with the item and recepit in hand, expressing my concerns with the defective product and requested to exchange the item for the same exact model I had purchased just less of two weeks prior. Two weeks prior, I had purchased the Toshiba laptop which was originally priced at $699 yet was on sale for $550. So as I said, I wished to exchange for a working product that I paid cash for.

The customer service representative stated they discontinued the item. My options were to get a refund, a gift card, or an even exchange for an "ACER". I stated that was not what I had purchased nor what I was interested in doing so. It was also mentioned the only version available was at the Watertown location but I would have to drive out and pick it up, never offered to have it shipped to their store.

I purchased the item I wanted and it did not work properly, ALL I WANTED WAS THE SAME ITEM OR SOMETHING OF COMPAREABLE STANDARDS. The "Acer" is is no way a comparable item in my eyes. Now I have asked to speak with a manager whom may be able to further help me. Stephon, whom was the manager on duty, stated there was a newer version of the Toshiba out that I purchased, yet was $150 more than I paid.

I was disatissfied in returning a product I happened to get a deal on and was disatisfied that the same model that "WORKS" was not available, only a newer version which they admitted had the same specs for an additional $150. I proceeded to ask to speak to his manager he continuously repeated "1-888-BESTBUY". I said I was not satisfied calling a 1-800# to get the issue resolved while I took my time out to return to the store. Yet because he no longer wished to help I was left no other choice but to call whle standing at the counter.

I proceeded to do so and at that time stated I wanted my refund while I was on the phone. Now as I sat on hold for ten minutes waiting to speak to a management personnel, I watched as the three customer service reps and manager, Stephon, went on to ignore my request for a refund and service others in line. I spoke with the Supervisor of Corporate Offices, Steven, over the phone, whom again was very unhelpful and very unprofessional, swearing back on the other end of the line and offering no apologizies at all. To say the least I was lead to another dead end.

I was at my witts end frustrated at the service i was receiving and disgusted that this business operates this way. NO CUSTOMER SERVICE whatsoever. I in no way, shape, or form felt I was requesting anything out of the ordinary or unreasonable for that matter. I just wanted the same product I paid for that was not defective and since that product was not available I feel I should have been offered something more comparable.

Did I mention, I had spoken with another employee during this episode and was informed that Stephon told the other employee that he was able to exchange my laptop for the current version which replaced mine for an even exchange yet was not going to because he felt I was being rude?! I did not know Best Buy's Return Policies were based on the Manager's Opinion rather than actual policy enforced. So as I said Stephon had been ignoring my request to get a refund of the money I paid and I had to again say "Excuse me but I believe I asked for assistance and you have been helping other customers over and over again while I stand here waiting" Like I had told him earlier, calling 1-888-BESTBUY was not going to help but and I was right about that. So he decides now is convenient for him to give me my refund and proceeds without saying a word to me until we get to the point where he asks "do you want a gift card or the check mailed?" I stated I had paid cash and expect the cash I paid in my hand before leaving.

He said there was no way. I CAN NOT believe if you pay cash for an item and have your recepit and are within your return period that you have to wait fo a check to be mailed!

I can not believe what goes on in that Store, it is absolutely unacceptable in my eyes and all consumers should be aware of this!

Product or Service Mentioned: Best Buy Manager.

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Did they refuse to help you because you started yelling at them? I highly doubt a corporate manager would start swearing at you for no reason. Contain your emotion next time and maybe they will be willing to help


I love the fact that Best Buy Offered to return the product, or apply a credit from this laptop to another one and you are mad, because they weren't willing to take a loss on a new product just because you decide you were to cheap to buy the newest version of the product at the time. I also highly doubt that Toshiba came out with a new lap top, but left all the same specs in it with all the changes that are going on everyday with computers. STOP BLAMING BEST BUY FOR YOUR CHEAPNESS!


I understand your frustration with the situation at Best Buy. They should not have been rude to you and ignored you the way they did.

However, as someone who knows Best Buy's policies, it is not standard practice to find a comparable unit and exchange it for the same price. Many customer don't understand that though Best Buy stands behind their products, they are not responsible for any defects or failures of the item. Its unreasonable to expect Best Buy to "eat the cost" of an item that was made faulty by the manufacturer. They offered you a full refund or a credit of the cost of your laptop towards another.

While transferring products between stores is possible, its not usually an option, especially on discontinued items.

Also, though its unfortunate that returned cash purchases over $250 are issued in the form of a mailed check, it is stated on the back of your receipt.

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