Mcallen, Texas
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went in to bb to look at the jbl Bluetooth speaker. was looking to purchase as a Christmas gift.

display was not working. was told by salesperson it had been out for 2 weeks and it was a "corporate wide problem". so I took one out of box to connect with my phone to demo it. salesperson through a fit and demanded I put it back in box.

said I was not allowed to demo it because then everyone would want to do the same thing and they would not want to purchase a previously opened box. I asked why if the demo wasn't working he couldn't let me demo this one unit. he could then keep it aside and use it as a demo. he became upset and again demanded I place it back in the box.

I stood my ground and he called his manager. I let him explain the situation and the manager and continued connecting my phone with speaker. manager asked him why the unit wasn't working? after a discussion between themselves the manager allowed me to continue with my demo.

I then went ahead and purchased a unit but not before going up to the salesperson and asking him for a unit that had not been opened just for spite.

he didn't say a word and I took the unit I opened. btw this device works great

Product or Service Mentioned: Best Buy Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Best Buy Pros: Manager on duty.

Best Buy Cons: Unhappy salespeople.

  • Jbl Bluetooth Speaker
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Haven't you ever heard that old saying, "It's easier to apologize than to ask permission?" Well, if the display was working, it wouldn't have been an issue. Since it wasn't, and since there was no one nearby to help, he took it upon himself to open a new one!

(Which, if it had been security wrapped like it was supposed to be, he couldn't have done, anyway!) ME? I would have walked up AND APOLOGIZED for not being available to help him! Not only that, I would've had a manager give him $5 off the thing to take the one he opened home!

You're okay, Jim...I don't care what that other guy says about ya! ;)


Sounds like you were being a bit of a ***. A lot of merchandise has to be sent back to the manufacturer because of factory packaging, also because it is a connected device, and you had connected it.

In other words, because you had to demo a new product, and refused to take the one you opened, they ate the cost of the product. Next time you need to think and ignore your entitled attitude.

Yes we are consumers, and yes, we should be able to see what we are buying - it is also not our place to pick fights, and be ***. Im glad that you acted like an adult and stood your ground over a speaker; you should work in retail!

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