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I recently had an experience at Best Buy that suggested some highly unethical and predatory practices. I purchased a Nook that was defective, stopped working after using twice. Best Buy refused to allow me to return it though it was within the guidelines of their written return policy. I was able to work directly with Barnes and Noble for the return of an item I bought at Best Buy.

I wanted to share some of my research on the current unethical practices engaged in by Best Buy that corroborate my recent interactions with them that reflect their malevolent intents and attitudes toward their customers, as written in Forbes Magazine, as quoted here:

"Employees, I learned, are strongly conditioned to see every customer who walks in the store as a potential target, one who needs to be coerced into buying something other than what they came looking for.

But you can't treat the customer as an adversary in a battle of wills. You can't provide superior service when you've been drilled to view each person who walks into your store as prey. You can't be a trusted source of expertise on consumer electronics when, as many former employees told me, failure to follow the company script means getting your hours cut or simply being fired.

Best Buy employees are trained to focus on customers. But not so much to serve them as to overpower them. It is not being "customer-centric" when your laser-beam focus is on sizing the customer up and looking for weaknesses in their resistance to buying products and service they didn't come looking for."…

As described above, my own experience above reflects to a T what Mr. Downes has identified. While everyone knows a defective item is returnable according to written policy, Best Buy staff "sized me up" and determined I could be conquered, and they were determined to do so for the simple reason of their vulnerability to job insecurity, including the possibility of being terminated, and certainly being excluded from promotional rights and privileges, as well being judged as weak by their peers.

In conclusion, I could have taken to task Best Buy staff, and probably would have won, but the more humane interaction with the on line company Barnes and Noble , was less time consuming and stressful. More simple to do, as millions of other consumers of electronics in today's world have done, walk away from Best Buy...forever. I take solace in the knowledge that as Best Buy appears to continue its tail spin, with the continuation of predatory practices, soon to be unemployed.

Monetary Loss: $119.

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Hey Fatnet2000, I read that Forbes article. Its online.

And the first one they had on there. The person complaining had the weblink on here but was taken off. I think that you may work for BB because you diss it in one breath and blame the customer in another. Thats what I notice what BB employees do on here.

Leiko49, ignore Fatnet2000. BTW, I bet Fetnet2000 doesn't trust Forbes magazine.


I'm assuming you two work for the company. Waaaay too much teabaggin goin on to what I personally think is the worst company to not only work for but to shop.

They make you get stuff you don't want cause you too *** to realize what exactly you want.

To the dude that made the crybaby complaint: it IS your fault cause you tried the cheap way out by buying that piece of *** you were "coerced" yo buy. Man up and know apparently that cheap garbage of a tablet didn't work.


whoa dude, why you gettin into the smack speech? not very constructive.

Nook glowlight is what I went there for, not a tablet. Perhaps if you read more, you won't talk so much smack.

Get yourself a Kindle or Ebook or something. By the way, I emailed the ceo of best buy, without resorting to any smack, BB eventually offered to exchange the defective item, though B&N already spreading good will shipped me a new one express shipping.


You left out the reason they gave you as to why they declined your return. I'm guessing you left it out because it was a perfectly acceptable reason not to accept a return.

The cashiers make the same amount of money whether your return is accepted or not, so I don't think they personally have an agenda. I think most of your complaint is just a paranoid rant from a customer who didn't get their way.


they stated I broke it, though there was not a mar on the machine, had not been dropped, kept in soft leather case, used twice. A defect, simple as that.

what you are calling a paranoid rant is a corroboration of information disseminated by Forbes Magazine, not exactly in the same league as the National Enquirer as you seem to suggest.

Though what you say is true about what the cashiers make (this would be the customer service rep, not the cashier, in my case), if you have significant knowledge on how a business model effects the behavior of employees, you would likely be aware that some business models create an atmosphere of intimidation, where employees can be helpful or adversarial to customers, depending on the nature of the business model. While I could have misread what occurred in my Best Buy interaction, to characterize my experience as a paranoid rant sounds like...a paranoid rant.


The articles in Forbes have stated everything about Best Buy though one only has to google "Best Buy complaints" or "Attorney General Best Buy". Best Buy is now trying to "improve" its marketing image by price matching.

That will fail to save the company from its well deserved foul reputation.

As I have stated in other comments, the fallout will be that their employees will be seen as blemished and will have a difficult time finding another job if they write Best Buy on their resumes as prior employment. If they hide their Best Buy employment and later found to exclude it, they would most likely be terminated.

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