Mount Joy, Pennsylvania
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Bought a black three door RF267ABBP refrigerator with the ice and water in the door from Best Buy with a three year same as cash no interest. At two years I noticed rust starting to form at the ice/water bay.

Called Samsung and they gave some song and dance that it is not covered. I proceeded to explain how I was soon to be in the market for a dishwasher and microwave. I explained that I had serious reservations actually buying something like a dishwasher that deals with water all the time. She arranged to have a repairman (Sears) come out and take a look.

He came out and deemed it was not a "manufacturers defect" and said it would be $500 and the service visit was $75. Of course I declined and said I was extremely disappointed. A few days later I received a message on my answering machine from Samsung to "follow up" the service visit. Unfortunately a few weeks went by before I returned the call and guess what...the number was no longer in service!

So I call the 800 number and get some woman. I begin to tell my story and she basically says no go. So I ask to speak to her superior. I tell the story and I get the same results that it is not a "manufacturers defect".

I also mentioned my parents $400 32" Samsung TV just died after 2 years and they are on a fixed income! I give her one more chance to do the right thing and honor their product since I stepped out and bought this piece of garbage. She doesn't change her decision so I politely go balistic and proceed to tell her that I will never buy another Samsung product and that I will be sure to tell everyone using every electronic means possible. I told her that if I succeed in sparing just a couple of people from having such an experience it will be worth it.

The loss of just a few sales will make the $500 repair (their cost was probably less than $300) seem rather trivial. Maybe I can save a few hundred people from this kind of poor service!

I read that Samsung is the fastest growing appliance brand. If that be the case their customer support is surely lagging behind by a long shot.

It will catch up to them! STAY AWAY FROM SAMSUNG!

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Thank you for the heads up regarding Samsung products. I have discovered that Best Buy sells lower end appliances at a substantial profit.

If you want quality you have to go somewhere else because most of what I have found at Best Buy is low end junk at medium to high prices. There are better deals out there.