Today , I receive unsatisfactory customer service by two Best Buy employees , one who was identified as the manager . This took place as I had been told to do per my purchase of a new computer and printer in which I did not purchase after this incident .

the young man who I was told was the manger of the store was rude and talked down to me and at that point , I informed him that I had served our nation for twenty eight years , had deployed overseas seven times and had been Decorated for heroism in Washington DC . The manager turned his back to me and walked away which was a total disrespect to me I believe and my decades of service to our nation . I did tell him what I thought of his actions and was told by the other BB staff member to leave . I did leave but as I did, I reminded your staff what memorial day weekend means to many of us who have lost friends while serving .

Your employees displayed a very distinct disconnect with issues that sadly many veterans bring home with them after decades of deployments . If these two employees are a reflection of how Best Buy thinks of veterans then I will purchase my computer, printer and security system elsewhere even if I pay more for it .

I have asked for a response from the CEO to discuss further . I am also in need of Best Buy , Pensacola Florida's written policy on rules which detail when customer's are told to leave the property .

User's recommendation: Mandating training ADA for veterans and mental health.

Location: Pensacola, Florida

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Sounds like you disrespected him.


How can a manger be rude? You did state in your complaint that the manger was rude to you.


Why was it necessary for you to inform the manger that you served in the military as well as the other military related information? What does All of that have to do with your complaint? You did state in your complaint that the manager was rude to you?


It was not actually. This person is shaming the military with his behavior.

He should act his age and treat people with respect. He is a disgrace to the military.

I have a feeling that he thought he could abuse others and they did not all it. Not all military men and women are arrogant as he is.

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