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Sunday Oct. 8, 2017 we took our new TV out of the box, plugged it in and there was a spider web looking black thing across the screen.

I thought at first it was part of the cartoon that had come on. Then I realized the tv was defective. The screen itself looked perfect no cracks on that. So we packed it up and took it back to the Maplewood, MN store where we bought it.

The first girl who helped us said ok I just have to have my manager sign off on this. Nico, the manager came over. Plugged in the tv and said you impacted it. I said what do you mean?

he said you hit it. I said no, we took it carefully out of the box and plugged it in. We had charged it on our Best Buy card. I explained that on the Best Buy credit card info it said you can return damaged goods to the store or mail it back.

Nico said no they wouldn't take it back. He then sat there playing with a fidget spinner. I asked to talk to his manager. He got Justin who had on a geek squad shirt.

Justin said well Nico I leave it up to you if you think we should let him return it. Nico said no. continuing to play with his fidget spinner. Now I am a 100% disabled Viet Nam Vet.

I walk with a cane.. Nico said you can leave, we are done here. I said no, the tv is defective. Nico said you leave or we will call the police and have you removed.

I said fine, call the police. So he did. I walked out to my car to wait for the police. Nico followed me saying if you get in your car I am taking a pic of your license plate and the police will come to your house and arrest you.

He is saying this loudly so other people in the store are looking at me. My 19 year old grandson was with me and was angry at how I was treated. I waited for the police, told them what happened. He said to call corporate.

He apologized for how I was treated. My grandson was with me because I bought the tv for him to use. His dad, my son died of cancer recently. So I bought the tv for him, my grandson.

I am in no mood to be treated so rudely. I have done a lot of business with Best Buy but after this...I don't think so.

Because they asked me to leave , they have the tv there along with the box and receipt. I called the credit card company, they said they would contact corporate but so far no one has contacted me and this was last Sunday, it is now friday.

Product or Service Mentioned: Insignia Tv.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $119.

Preferred solution: I decided I would buy a Smart tv for my grand. so if they would deduct the cost of the defective tv from the cost of a smart tv I would be happy. Just don't ask me to go to Maplewood. I have PTSD and after them calling the police I wont go to Maplewood.

Best Buy Pros: First girl that helped was very nice.

Best Buy Cons: Nico the manager who was rude and played with his fidget spinner, Rude employees, Unwilling to repair or replace defective product, Thir dishonesty or their attitude.

  • Insignia Broken Screen
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I am still waiting for a response. After letters and phone calls there has been no letters or calls back offering a solution.

Nothing. I contacted our state attorney general.

They are now handling it. Hopefully she can get this resolved.

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